The Love Of A Soldier

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

Their coming together was magical. No one would have believed it. Not even they themselves. Anuri knows Frank had this feeling for her. What she can't tell is what actually is holding such a handsome young man from approaching a lady and pouring out his heart. Frank a young serving Corp Member is a tall man with the beauty of a woman. Anuri has exhausted all the techniques a woman can employ to force out words from the mouth of a deeply shy guy. All the green lights brought back no catch.

As we all know, love and affection have a way of sinking down the river and resurrecting with hatefulness. Anuri's love for Frank has turned into hate. Any slight encounter always allows Anuri to pour her venom on Frank, yet Frank seemed unchanging. Like he understands.

One faithful morning. Anuri woke up with the thought of Frank all over her. The last time he thought about him in this manner left her weak and helpless all through the day. Not again, she told herself. She wanted to fight it but she was subdued by her emotions. What was going on inside her proved that the sudden hate was fake. A road took to achieve love. Her body was on fire. When she can't bear it any longer, she picked up her wrapper, covered her nakedness from the top of the succulent breast down to her thighs, and headed to unlock the door.

A tall handsome man was about to knock at the door, as the door opened. It was a perfect coincidence. It was Frank. She couldn't believe it. Even though he comes to their lodge to see other male coppers, he has never made it to her door. As this thing was going on in Anuri's mind, Frank broke the unusual silence. 'Anuri, I came to tell you that I am living Sanka this morning. I have been shortlisted into the Mesinga military and I am to report today'. Anuri was shocked. She couldn't believe her ears. 'Am here to tell you I really loved you, but lack the courage to say it. I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't tell you before heading for training.' He concluded and turned to leave, when Anuri dragged him inside the room, looked him in the eye and said something her heart have longed for. 'Frank, make love to me'. As Frank opened his mouth to talk, the wrapper dropped, exposing the most beautiful creation of God. Frank was faced with a well-rounded creamy medium-sized breast adoring her chest part, with this body that can best be described in figure 8.

Like helpless sheep, they went down to the bed, made amazing love to each other and within some time they both climaxed, succumbing into each other's arms. It was a sweet moment at a wrong moment, for the chances of seeing again are slim. He is leaving. And he did leave.


Life in the military camp wasn't that easy. The training was very hard and harsh. Rumour has it that among all the countries in Africa, Mesinga's military training is the most difficult. Amidst these difficulties, Frank still finds time to call Anuri to reassure her of his undying love for her. Whenever he calls, Anuri will just be smiling and giggling from the other end. The military training must have done it. She told herself. For there is no other way to explain the sudden change in Frank's life. Anuri has already found out she is pregnant. But never wanted to distract him with the news. That single time has implanted life inside her. A baby is growing within her. 'I will tell him at the right time, she will always say to herself after every call.

That day came. Frank's mother has taken her to the hospital. Her happiness knew no bound the day she found out her only son got a girl pregnant before joining the Mesinga military. Within a few minutes, she delivered. Is a boy, the doctor announced to Frank's mother.

The joy was cut short when a messenger from the military came with a letter from the Army Chief. There has been an ambush. Frank has been sent to Northern Mesinga to fight Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist group killing christians. And the terrorists ambushed them leaving many casualties. Frank's body was not seen, but he has been declared dead. There is no way he could have made it out. Whoever leaked the military route to the Islamic terror group did a nice job.

Frank's burial was very devastating to her young Anuri and the ageing mother. They stood helpless as the government of Mesinga denied it on television, saying there was no attack on Mesinga Military by Boko Haram. Frank and his colleagues only got a secret burial after dying for their country. Anuri looked at his little son and whispered into his ears saying. 'I will protect you from Mesinga.' She then made a solemn promise to Frank never in her life will she ever marry again.
She lived with Frank's mum taking care of her as a daughter should.


Five years have gone by. Mesinga has already forgotten Frank, but not the Family he left behind. They were in the graveside they made for Frank when a messenger came with a very big envelope. 'Are you Mrs Frank', the dark messenger asked Anuri. 'Yes', she replied. He handed her the tick envelope.

Inside the envelope were three flight tickets for mum, Frank junior and Anuri to Cameroon. Enclosed also are some pictures of a handsome man. It's Frank. He is alive. Unbelievable!
Frank was already waiting for them in the airport when their plane landed. They were locked in an embrace. Tears of joy flowed like the rivers of Babylon. He looked at the little man that called him daddy. He was his carbon copy.

It was later he told them how some northern military men in Mesinga always sabotage the effort of the military by leaking information to the terrorists. He also told them about his miraculous escape and how he found favour in Cameroon.

They bore two daughters and a son. They lived happily ever after.

(Dedicated to thousands of Eastern soldiers ambushed and killed in the senseless war against Boko Haram.)

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Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher, and Activist, 2023.

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