the method zoo used to buy some people off.

Let me tell you the method zoo used to buy some people off. After they sent some people to infiltrate the struggle, these people worked so heard in the struggle with the intention of being noticed, to the extent that lots of people trusted and respected them. That they are abroad and appeared to be doing well is also a boast. Immediately after the rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, those infiltrators started sponsoring these guys and made them feel they are still working for the struggle. They never knew that those bankrolling them are the same zoo they claim to be fighting against. The zoo did not come to buy them directly. They used their own to do that.

They were played into thinking that they are defending the struggle from those that betrayed Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. So some of them feel they are doing a noble job. Lies were told and that lie became their motivation.

To take people out of what they so much cherish is very easy. They started with we are defending the struggle from DOS that betrayed MNK and drifted into defending nonsense and ridiculous things.

For example....

These guys saw a woman and a non IPOB member claim they are now in charge of ESN and commanding it. They even said they are in charge of IPOB and have taken over. Something so funny and unheard of, yet people that have been in the struggle and know how things are working for defended it. For weeks and months they defended this nonsense. The USA lady and the Finland guy was all they know. But immediately the two started fighting, to the extent that one shared the nude of the other on social media. But this two should be defended by them. Once you derail, you are bound to defend lies. To save face they claimed they were investigating the USA woman, reason they worked with her. Total lie. They gave her two weeks to confess how she betrayed MNK, or they will expose her. It is months after this incident happened, and months already passed, yet they have not found time to expose someone they said they have investigated and have found out how he sold someone they called a leader and also claimed to love.

Since they have derailed, they got no option other than to continue going deeper and deeper into the wrong way. They know DOS did not betray IPOB leader. They know MNK is still working with DOS. They know that DOS is in charge and ESN under them. But once one drink from the well of the devil he can't stop supporting evil.

The master said some will be bought over, but they can't stop what we are doing. He said those that were chosen even before they were born will make sure of that.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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