The Mind Of An Igbo Efulefu

The Mind Of An Igbo Efulefu And His Politically Correct Counterpart works in a funny way.

You did see this people preach to you about not including religion in politics. They did reprimand you against being tribalistic, that you start asking yourself if these people are truly in Nigeria.

They will be quick to condemn IPOB and even accuse them of calling for war. Then you start wondering how a call for referendum translates to a call for war.
That's when Fulani herdsmen are killing with reckless abandon and they will not say anything. Maybe not to anger the Fulani.

This sets of people will gladly defend Buhari for not appointing an Igbo into his kitchen cabinet. 'I am Igbo, but I won't blame Buhari for not appointing Igbo. We didn't vote for him.' This Ndi Efulefu will always say.

They have criminalized peaceful protest. They say our women did wrong for protesting, but will quickly quote Aba women riot of 1929 where 55 women died in the hands of the British military. And you did ask yourself if there is any difference between the courageous women of 1929 and those of 2018.

An efulefu Igbo will be against you for defending an Igbo that was accused of corruption, but will say nothing about Buhari saying that Abacha is not corrupt, yet he is sharing Abacha's loots.

Many Ndi Igbo efulefu supported Buhari in 2015 with the intention that they are detribalized Nigerians. They beat their chest and say we are Nigerians before being Igbo. Ndi eriri eri. Mugu 10 10. Ndi apari na John ose nku.

They are dumb to understand that for a northerner, everything should go North. They never know that for a Muslim, the interest of the Muslims first. They failed to understand that it's always a Fulani first, whether qualified or not. They never cared to ask themselves how the North became majority in the Senate, yet they claim that Nigeria is a federating unit.

This sets of Ndi Igbo believe they will restructure Nigeria in the flour of the Senate where majority of the senators are northerners.

Politically correct and Efulefu Ndi Igbo are senseless people drawing the liberation of Ndi Igbo back. 

© Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi 2018

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