The Need For Agitators To Be On Top Of The Game

To start with, I don't think IPOB members are against Peter Obi and neither are they against PVC. IPOB have never called for boycott of PVC. What IPOB has done is call for a boycott of election. In 2019, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu called for a boycott, and on the eve of the election he called it off.
In that same 2019, I wrote on my wall that for you to be an eligible boycotter, you must have your PVC. When I said this, some called me names, but the name calling didn't change the truth. When you don't have your PVC, you are never recognised as part of the election and your non participation is useless. It is only those with PVC that can participate and effect the election result. How can you influence the election with a boycott when your name is not in the register? That's why I have PVC and decide not to vote with it. It is my weapon of boycott. That makes me an eligible boycotter.
We have been studying Nigería and events and we must be smart in our findings. If you are someone that understand events, you will agree with me that the Nigería of 2015, 2019 and that of today are never the same. This is why the approach of freedom fighters in 2015 must be different in 2019 and that of today. Prior to 2019, IPOB have been on ground marching and protesting peaceful. MNK came out and it entered rallies upon rallies. Within time, they came to murder MNK and he left the shores of Nigería. Within time, MNK stopped all IPOB meetings in Nigería. That's because events kept changing and IPOB kept changing with the events. Agitators must be flexible at times and rigid when need be.
After #EndSARS the Nigería youths have found out the little power they have. And today they are rallying around Peter Obi. No matter what happens, we must not take them for granted. I am beginning to see reason with the postulation of Emeka Gift Official when he said that IPOB to his opinion should be careful and stay neutral concerning 2023. He said we must stand and watch. But I am adding that we must maintain our Biafra campaign and not move campaign against Peter Obi, PVC and Igbo Presidency. Unless they as usual leave their campaign to attack IPOB.
I know we know that PVC is nonsense, Igbo presidency dead on arrival, but we don't need to fight it. Let us allow the ongoing youth movement to continue moving. I see the movement turning against the zoo. And IPOB will capitalize.
With the way the movement is going, it is possible that the vote will go massively for Peter Obi. An outcome Fulanii will not allow. Fulanii will rig it for their own, which will turn against the zoo. There will be a lot dissatisfaction among the youths. The next revolution might start from there. 2023 election might be the bang we are looking for. Should the youths succeed, it won't stop us. And should they lose, it is still to our own gain.
Let IPOB media warriors move on to campaign for Biafra. Keep pushing for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. We need to sustain the media campaign. We will keep debunking their lies... Lies like PVC will be used for referendum should be debunked. Don't let them use emotional blackmail on you. Blackmails like you need to vote for so so so person for MNK to be released. They are all lies.
My personal decision is that I won't hear of any election around me as far as MNK remains in chains.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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