The Need For Biafrans To DeNigerianize Themselves

We are not going to restore a lawless society. Anything like Nigería is a no no for us. We are not suffering all these to have another Nigería in Biafra, never. We are not restoring any do anyhow or act anyhow society. There for we must deNigerianize ourselves if we want to restore a sane society. And there is no other time that have offered us the most better opportunity to do this, than this period.

A lot has happened since the rendition of MNK and it all happened to check how determined and strong in character we are in restoring a nation away from what Nigería is. MNK knew this moment will come reason he said many will fall out. Has many not fallen out?

Infiltrators came, fooled some and took them out. They thought Biafra will be a place where you will act anyhow and do anyhow. Without discipline, you are going nowhere. MNK knew this, reason he built IPOB on discipline and truth. And it takes discipline to maintain truth. Those of them infiltrators got no reason to display the type of indiscipline they displayed. They said DOS betrayed IPOB leader. Till this very day they got no evidence, only lies and useless accusations. All of a sudden Mr Ekpa that accused DOS together with Nelly, turned around to say it is Nelly that betrayed MNK and no longer DOS. He gave Nelly time to confess, but after the expiration of the time, he still did nothing. If you know that Nelly betrayed MNK, why not say it out. That's because you sounded like you know something about it. Looking at the game they are playing you will understand that they did what they did because they are dub-ious. And Biafra won't be needing such dub-ious men and women at the driving seat of the new nation. That's why God took them out so that the restoration of Biafra won't see corruption.

Another lesson we will learn after what Kanunta Kanu is doing will be that in no way will Biafra tolerate the rascality of people surrounding any body in power. The brothers of whoever is to become prime minister or president must know their place. They must understand that they are no body as far as Biafra is concerned. You as a leader did not run an election with your brothers, uncles and inlaws, so they must find something doing and leave governance alone. Same thing must go to Kanunta and anyone that support what he is doing. We only saw MNK and gathered and no one else. 'You must respect him, he is MNK's brother' is the most stupid thing I have ever heard in this struggle. He is MNK's brother, and so what? Is it the reason he should be stupid? Is it the reason he must jump queue? Is it the reason he will disrespect the leader of a movement, and organise meeting with expelled members of the movement?

If not because of Nigería mentality, they won't be doing what they are doing and neither will they get any support from the anybody. It is Nigería mentality that will make people think that a governor's brother should be worshipped. They brag and walk like they are gods. They deal with whoever they want to deal with. They say who will get contract and who won't receive. People bring cows to their house to seek to see the president or governor. This is how bad things are in Nigería and this is the reason why we must deNigerianize ourselves. Without this we are going no where.

I will still write more on the need for us to deNigerianize our minds, but I will stop here for now.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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