The Need To Be Vigilant

Why the kịllings in Anambra?

It is not only that they want a reason to tag IPOB a terr-orist group, they also want to have a reason to invade.

Terro-rising Igbo land will give the Nigerịa government a reasonable reason to invade the region and send youths to their early grave. Kịll the people and still come in to defend the people you are kịlling and then have the opportunity to kịll more and tag those you kịlled ESN/IPOB.

First, it started with an attack on INEC registration center. This attack was executed and videoed by the attackers themselves. They sent a message using Igbo Language. The attackers don't want you to guess who did it. They want you to know Igbo people did it. And who again called for election boycott and said there should be no election? IPOB of course. Yes, every non critical mind and dub-ious minds have already taken it that IPOB did it, so no need to investigate it. Why should it be investigated, when the people that carried out the action are also those that ought to have investigated it.

They even fooled most of our people. Immediately the news broke they started echoing NO ELECTION IN BIAFRA LAND. Their blackmailers must have watched the comment sections in one of the Nigerịa dubious media and say to themselves, we got them.

Within some time, news broke about a brutal murder of a soldier couple on their way to Imo State. Till today, BBC World Service and the likes of Chidoka are still fine tuning the story to become an acceptable lie, but what they can't cover is the reason why upon cutting of the woman's neck, not even a sound was made by her. Could it be that the original sound was erased and another voice inserted. A voice struggling so hard to make it appear that the owners of this language are capable of terr-orism or maybe they are terr-orists.

Within a week, another video came out. The masked men were heralding us of their preparedness to go after churches. They have accused them of joining hands with the oppressors. Again, the blackmailers just cleared ground, waiting for the time to struck. That opportunity might have come with the proposed crusade by Pastor Kumuyi. But IPOB leadership was too fast to advice Kumuyi to call off the crusade, which he did. Maybe, they would have used the opportunity to commit evil and blame it on their usual usual. These dub-ious elements should be told that we know they are targeting the church as to blackmail IPOB.

They want to invade, and the time is already here... They have cleared the ground. The otelectuals have watered the ground. Ig-bo youths are about to be slaughtered for nothing. They believe that bringing terror upon our people will help destroy IPOB struggle.

We must expose this their ploy to invade our land. We must counter all their moves.

Never you support any form of attack, because they are playing on your psych, as to use you to destroy you.

Be careful,

Be vigilant.

Your blackmailers are not far from you. You have raised up a people's opposition in IPOB and the dub-ious politicians want to destroyed.
Don't let them.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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