the Nigería agent in Finland is funny

This guy is funny. I mean the Nigería agent in Finland. He once said he will be IPOB end. Just one man in front of his laptop, using Facebook and YouTube, claiming he will end a movement that is worldwide. Even the same social media pages he used to brag was made popular by the same people he was bragging that he will end. I at times imagined how happy Nigería government and politicians would be listening to him saying those words. Isn't it exactly what Nigería government wants? To end IPOB? But when you say he is working for Nigeria government some efulefus won't understand it.

Two things helped him in his madness. One is the money he got from those that recruited him, and the dub-ious backing Nigería corrupt newspapers gave him. These two things gave him some lifeline. And made him to start talking like little a  god.

How some people fell for him is something I don't really understand. These people wanted someone that has been an e~rat all his life to be handed over a struggle he knew nothing about. A lot of people have been writing and broadcasting about Biafra, and not even one of them started fighting to become IPOB leader, except this guy. A supposed media warrior trying to transform himself into everything.

Today he is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's disciple. Tomorrow he changes to his spiritual son. Another he start answering ESN. Another day he metamorphose to commander of ESN. Next he will tell his fools that he is the dragon. Next minute he calls himself 50 person in one. Another, he is seen creating MBranch and taking salute as the leader. Next he is telling them he knew the date Biafra will come. Another time he asks for 10k dollars from 50 people and he will give them Biafra in 2023. That's after he told them how he needed 1000 people that will be paying 1k dollars to him every month. Recently he has branded himself Biafra spokesman. All this is from same person, and some people are wasting their time on him. Someone whose actions is pointing towards severe mental problems. Only someone taking substance can be doing all these things.

After bragging how he was the one behind Monday sit at home, he finally decided to try his luck to see how he has fooled the people. In this month of August he has declared 3 sit at home and no one listened to him. The first one they went and brought out fake videos and pictures, but got shamed by those that brought out live videos of those markets. Yesterday being 30th August 2022 was the most shameful.

Now that he knows that he is just an empty carton, you will see him mock everything IPOB is doing. He will try to make mockery of everything IPOB is doing. That was also in the plan. Plan A is to takeover IPOB and crash it. When this fails, then they activate plan b which is ridicule all the known methods of IPOB. Keep declaring sit at home he knows the people won't obey as to ridicule sit at home. The aim is to trivialise sit at home so that it will no longer be effective for IPOB. This is why IPOB media warriors must not go to sleep. Any day IPOB leadership declares sit at home, you must push the campaign as if that is the first time IPOB is declaring sit at home. Those on ground must take the message to the markets and work places. Educate the people properly. Now that you have defeated their plan A, you must cripple their plan B and retire them all.

Shame on all of you that allowed this mentally challenged scammer to derail you from the struggle you have put in everything you got. You guys shame has not even started. Watch as things unfold. Blind bats that aided a crimînal to waste many of their own youths.

But the good news is that he has scammed the government that recruited him. Seeing how no body listened to him yesterday and went to their normal businesses, they won't think of wasting more money on him.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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