The One Nigerianist Advocates Should Rise Up To Call For End Of DSS

Take a close look at the date the so called memo from unintelligent zoo DSS was issued.
The memo was released on March 28,2022 that IPOB was planning to bomb MKO Abiola National Stadium Abuja in order to disrupt world cup qualifiers between the supper chicken of Nigeria and black stars of Ghana which Nigeria lost. I'm so happy they lost.
Then ask DSS why did they go ahead to play the Match as scheduled despite the threat ?
And expect the supper chickens to win . How do you expect supper chicken to play march and win under threat ?
When Mazi Nnamdi Kanu launched Eastern Security Network (ESN)to protect Biafra formers from Fulani bandits in their farms and Forest did he launched same in Abuja ? Or did he launched it for disruption of any international or national events in Nigeria ?
Since May 29, 2011 till date Boko Haram and Fulani bandits has consistently launched series of attack in the federal capital territory Abuja a little google search will furnish you with the news of series' of Boko Haram attacks and bomb blasts in Abuja that has taken thousands of Nigerian's lives while there are no records of any attack any where by IPOB ESN in Abuja .
The question is how did unintelligent DSS come up with their so called intelligence report on their alleged threat by IPOB to launch attack at MKO Abiola National Stadium Abuja ?
If Nigeria DSS is this competent why is Nigerians not asking DSS where is intelligence report Memo released prior to the bombing of lagos Kaduna train railway by Fulani Bandits that took the lives of over 100 people including the live of young Dr Chinelo Nwando Megafu on the same day they were busy releasing a memo alleging IPOB threat in Abuja stadium?
If Nigeria is actually a country this incompetency displayed by a highly rated Country DSS is a enough to dissolve the so called security apparatus called DSS .
But guess what Nigeria is a zoo and that's the reason why no animals inside the zoo claiming citizens will rise up to question the decayed system of Nigeria that has happened to Dr Chinelo until it reaches everyone's turn .
Anyi Kings March 30, 2022

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