the only solution to Nigerian problem is total disintegration.

If you read the Political situation of Nigeria very well, you will understand that if IPOB and Oduduwa play their card perfectly well, Nigerians by themselves will call for total disintegration of Nigeria or bloody revolution will erupt.

What will happen is very clear and we must work hard in taking advantage of the situation because that is where the prophecy of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be fulfilled, where he said that the coming of Biafra will be like a miracle. If you read the political situation of Nigeria, you will agree with me that the hour is fast approaching where the centre can no longer hold.

That time of devil’s alternative which Mazi Nnamdi Kanu talked about is fast approaching. The IPOB leadership should continue on their ground for Biafra referendum, again the leadership should also remain like a water to the Nigerian masses because in future, the Nigerian masses mostly the youths will play a big role that will see the birth of many Nations in Nigeria.

To avoid blaming IPOB of which is the target of the cabals, IPOB leadership should separate themselves totally from their presidential election. (Total Silence will be golden) We continue our call for Biafra referendum because Nigeria can never be savaged.

I personally believed in the political intelligence of the IPOB leadership and the best step that needs to take. Nigeria as a country has reached its limits of explosion, we should continue in our call for total emancipation. Again Biafrans mostly our media warriors should intensify their efforts for Biafra restoration, we must continue proving to the world that the only solution to Nigerian problem is total disintegration.

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