The Pathetic Situation Of Teachers In Nigeria

Many Teachers are always shy to say they are Teachers. That's because whenever you mention that you are a Teacher, you are automatically rated low financially. The life of a Teacher in Nigeria is hell on earth. Government Teachers are better off somehow, yet parents have deserted government schools for private or Church-owned schools. I know of some big private schools paying more, but they are just a few.

Teachers in Church and Privately owned schools are glorified slaves. They are slaving for the owners of those schools. You won't believe that many Teachers didn't receive their December salaries, while some got half. Some are paid as low as 15,000 Naira in school students pay 25k to 30k as school fees. Some don't receive salaries on months that fell on holidays. Some are paid in the middle of the month because the owner is afraid they might leave. So they will either make them forfeit one month's salary or be forced to stay. They will bring in policies that will mess them up financially to force them to remain in that school. Teachers in Nigeria are suffering. Unfortunately, the solution is not in Nigeria. It is in ending Nigeria. Only then can these schools be properly monitored or checkmated.

Then, why am I a proud Teacher?

That's because I believe in the future. I am a believer in hard work I am standing on the fact that Chinua Achebe was a mere Teacher too. Today he is an icon generations to come will continue to study.

Thank you, Teachers. Happy Xmas in Advance.

Elochukwu Ohagi Official, 2022.

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