the plan of the infiltrators

Had it been we let them cause chaos and havoc in our land. Set everywhere on fire and let the blood thirsty NigerĂ­a military wipe out our people, in guise of going after trouble makers, we would have destroyed the struggle by our own hands.

What will happen would have been likened to the story of the Israelites in the wilderness. A people that were so happy leaving Egypt, only to turnaround to curse Moses for bringing them out of Egypt. They were faced with too much suffering that they had to turn against their own freedom.

That was exactly what they planned for you. All in pretence of fake love for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, coming from a fake dub-ious disciple, who wanted to set the land on fire just to achieve the aim of his pay masters. Already he has fooled the weak into thinking that he is the one trying to free MNK, making these gullible people to think that whoever that is calling for restraint is betraying the struggle.

The end result would have been people rising up against the struggle and saying to hell with your freedom. We don't want to be free again they would have said. Imagine a situation where they gave the military reason to invade every community in Igbo land. Imagine a situation where they started slaug-htering our people and force them into rejecting their own freedom. Imagine that DOS didn't stop them. Do you think their ranting on YouTube would have saved you?

What do you think would have happened should people rise up against the struggle? Or you think it won't happen when given a genuine reason? Don't forget that the only reason the struggle took a tap root was because MNK for many years gave the people enough reason to stand up and demand freedom.

Do we learn and appreciate history at all? Why did you made MASOB to fail? Did MASOB not arm themselves with the same message of freedom like IPOB is doing today? Why did they fail? In the streets of Onitsha I heard people saying, if this is how freedom looks like, let us stay back in NigerĂ­a. What happened? MASOB members went mad. Louts who joined MASOB became uncontrollable. They started bullying people and beating up people. There was a day these Indian hemp smoking youths knelt old men going to early six am Mass down. Old men asked to kneel down by young boys all in the name of freedom for Biafra. Gradually, people became tired of them and gradually people started circulating bad words against them. Ask yourself this question today. Where is MASOB. Would you have believed when told that at the peak of the MASOB struggle, that they will become dead today?

This was exactly what the dub-ious politicians prepared for you using dub-ious infiltrators. They got many fooled. Used what they believed in to have them destroy themselves.

Then end result would have been some people at home rising up against the struggle, and those living abroad out of anger will say look at people we are fighting to liberate talking trash. Are we not living happily abroad? Why should we keep wasting our time and money for ungrateful people. They will all retire home thinking they are fighting for freedom for anybody other than themselves. They won't remember that o biara ije nwe una. With this, the struggle will be destroyed or suffer a huge set back. When such happens, what do you think will be the faith of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu?

This is the plan of the infiltrators and those that recruited them. Non of them want Biafra. Non of them love MNK. When I say infiltrators, I am not talking about the id-iots they fooled. I am talking about those that fooled the id-iots.

A day will come when all of you they fooled will understand every thing I wrote here.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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