The Portuguese Conspiracy of Silence

Successive Kings of Portugal suppressed ALL information concerning Biafra, West Africa.

John 2 reigned 1481-1495. Went to great pains to not allow foreigners information of their journeys to keep their findings of wealth etc.. to themselves, particularly from the Germans who weren’t far behind them.

Manuel 1 took it further and demanded the death penalty for the drawing of maps or sending any information back to Europe.. the death penalty was not just for the writer but their entire family would be executed.

Duarte Pacheco Pereira who lived from 1460-1533 wrote papers that after his death were published as a collection called the Esmerelda which included Africa and the Americas and these were published certainly before Colombo came circling and supposedly discovered America (which is another British falsehood).

Duarte wrote in his Portuguese letters.. The channel of the river the pilot coasting the land out to sea the latitude of the river going south to south east is 11 degrees North of the Equator. Today if we look at 11 degrees north which has changed over the years due to advancements in mapping/GPS etc.. this coordination takes us into what we now know as Northern (Central) Nigeria, the confluence of the Niger river is in Kogi State and then out to sea..

So the land from roughly Kogi State down Duarte writes… The inhabitants of this country are Beafares and are subjects of the King of the Mandingoes, they are black many are naked and others wear a cotton cloth. Slaves were bartered here.

This is significant as many claim the Portuguese named Biafra but clearly they did not!

Duarte also wrote The island at the mouth of this bay now called Bonny and the mainland five leagues distant is densely populated and grows sugar cane the country has large elephants and an abundance of good fine pepper. The inhabitants of this land are IGBO and fifty leagues aside a language Bota. (Bota is the language of the Bantu tribe of Cameroon).

The Portuguese were searching for the Garden of Eden!

It was not until 1597 Queen Elizabeth the First of England sent her ships to Biafra.

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