The problem with some people

Every employee of IPOB knows their jurisdiction. You can't be an IPOB lawyer and start asking another IPOB lawyer to resign. That is never your job. You also can't ask Biafra women to protest. You have no power to do that.

As an IPOB media warrior, you can't write as if you are speaking for IPOB. That is not your job. When you go out of your way to pass your article as if you are speaking officially for IPOB, you will be reprimanded and asked to pull the article down. Same with IPOB lawyers. You are serving as an IPOB lawyer and not a part of the leadership of IPOB. If you are seen as IPOB, you can't defend IPOB.

This was exactly what Bruce Fein did and IPOB leadership came hard on him. It took MNK to bring him back and IPOB leadership obeyed MNK. This doesn't mean that whatever he achieved working for IPOB should not be seen or taken as a credit to those he is working for. He is not working for and paying himself. He works for IPOB leadership. Cautioning Bruce Fein is never sabotaging him.

Every IPOB lawyer is working for IPOB leadership. Should they secure freedom for MNK tomorrow, the glory goes to IPOB leadership. The credit for UN victory should go to IPOB leadership. Those who is saying otherwise should tell us if they are the ones paying them.

I don't know what is wrong with the brain of some people. I have been talking about DeNigerianization of the mind. In NigerĂ­a, many are walking with adult bodies, but they are babies inside.

The problem with some people is their inability to know their place in this struggle. You will be given a positive, and you will start thinking that that position is your birthright. When you are asked to relinquish power, you start fighting.

You see some of you in the USA who have been removed by HODOS and Kanunta Kanu is pushing you to fight against your removal and announcing meetings for you? They are desperate people, whose desperation for power has blinded them. You all think that when MNK comes out, he will thank you and uphold his brothers madness against IPOB command structure. Take a look back in 2015. Some IPOB principal officers disobeyed IPOB leadership. They waged war and were thinking MNK will side them when he comes out. But when MNK came out, he upheld their suspension. Today won't be any difference.

At times I wonder what some of you learn from this struggle. Why should I fight over a position that is not my birthright? What am I gaining that I can't relinquish power immediately I was asked to step down? Even MNK has said it before that you can even be removed from office in IPOB without you committing any offence. No position is your birthright.

We must start curing those behaviour we learnt from NigerĂ­a, if we are ready for a sane society. A Biafran should be ready to resign like it is being done in other sane climes.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022

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