I am myself and my self is me. What that implies is that I act as self propelled facts lead me not as third parties would want me to. That is why those who are accessible to me on "private" contacts understand how un-hysterical I can be when men are in their peak of their turmoils. The sole reason I am free from the tone of hyperbole, is because of what I read and whom I follow.

It is unfortunate to say people sometimes subscribed on certain folowership without the necessary required culture of understanding the obvious and technical lifestyles of their leader. That is where the postulation of "informed follower and uninformed follower" comes in. In all statements and teachings of Nnamdi Kanu, the most sank in me is, "be fearless before your enemies". My further research shows that that short statement, have both mental and spiritual undertones respectively. The highest instrument at the disposal of the oppressors is fear and intimidation while the best antidote to it should be boldness and consistency towards one's pursuit.

I have subjected the pictures of Nnamdi Kanu as released by Charles Chukwuma Soludo and his affiliated media platforms into forensic analysis since two days now. I chose to concentrate my analysis on the available photos because that is what is available to public domain. What they discussed and the context is not worthy of analysis from one side account of the Governor. If I desire to subject their terms of discussions into analysis, it will only be after the legal team and the family members must have visited him, then one can have balance sources for analysis of their talks. So therefore, soludo's report for me, is subjective pending when the other side states equally.

On the photos, I am about to talk of a man whom a "state" deployed her resources to kidnap. Sometimes people talk of collaboration with insiders in the international criminality. But if anyone understands how black deals happen on global stages, you will understand that the kidnapping of Nnamdi Kanu goes beyond "inside collaboration" to telecom companies, transportation companies, state actors and individuals collaborations. It takes a chain of network in black rooms to achieve such international criminality. Though with huge amounts of dollars wastefully deployed for parochial purpose. People who leverage their unsubstantiated investigations on what transpired to "inside collaborations", are naive of how black market system network works.

I chose to take a centre look on one of the pictures I chose to publish this post. Here you can see Nnamdi Kanu sitting posture. That posture speaks alot to those who are trained in the art of symbols and body languages. Most sad thing in this life is while the wise speaks in symbols and signs, the weak only understands spoken words. There is no serious sector of life that doesn't maintain a coded and technical languages for her own. This, great men also speak in symbols and signs. In computer, for non computer expert to decode the languages of computer, he must have understood the programing coded language of Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML, C++SQL, WordPress, Javascript, Objective-C etc. The world is structured this way so that real business of the world can only be understood by the strong in minds while the weak can through their hunger for simplicity wait to eat what the strong want them to eat.

In the photo, the two party "coincidentally" shared same color combinations in clothing. For the mystic, it means a lot. For the ordinary minds like me, it means nothing much. So therefore, color agreement in clothing meaning should be left for the mystics to handle. Let us talk about posture of the great leader. I have known Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as an intelligent man with deep acumen to speak even when words are not coming out. The place of the meeting was in DG of DSS office we were reportedly told. The setting of the shown space shows relatively good furnished space at least as a visitors' sitting space. Looking at the picture and Nnamdi Kanu's posture, one thing one would be forced to ask is, was that place Nnamdi Kanu's own house? He sat in a way that pictured the whole scene to be his and the visiting soludo as a guest who came for briefing to him on the happenings around Nnamdi Kanu's kingdom.

This is what most people don't understand. Leadership isn't only in oratory, a good leader understands dominion and projection. The picture since released had put his enemies into asking questions of what kind of man is this. Is he in DSS for good looking or bad looking? Make no mistake to think that the great leader doesn't understand the art of symbolic speeches. He enemies wanted to see a pearled and drained looking Nnamdi Kanu but he is trying hard to defeat them on their machinations. How he sat and how he posed were all messages to those the message was to. How he received his guest and how he posed listening to him are all messages to principalities of this world. The wise got the message while the weak sank into more confusions. Soludo's visit to Nnamdi Kanu could be called "briefing". I quite understand politicians especially those sycophants who will be mad at me for describing the visit as such. But both the posture of the parties in the picture and the press statement of the Governor say not less to my submission.

Now Nnamdi is at the centrality of maintaining peace and order in the land, it is time those fighting him out of jealousy to stop. He never achieved his legitimacy by bribing or forceful compelling like those jealousing him do. Him and destiny have agreed making him what he is today. So therefore, it is time to free him and hear him in respect and equality. Anything less than that, is futility!

Written by Chika Austine

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