The Queen Visit to Louis Odumegwu .O, took

The Queen had visited Nigeria sometime in 1956, signed some papers with a man named Louis Odumegwu .O, took (borrowed) a three full plane load of money belonging to a Bank called ACB, money was over 500billion pounds at that time, masterminded a war afterwards, during that war, destroyed all documents containing the deal (money borrowed) with the said man, about a year after eliminating the said man. Mr Louis was eliminated by the Queen.

We shall give full details on this, why Britain and others have worked against the creation of a country with name Biafra.

Britain was 70% built with money and resources borrowed from the said nation (Biafra). People must understand, the Queen had committed a lot of atrocities in the past, a country which should be the richest in the world today, is currently being kept under the carpet. But remember the expositions in the past? In no time, this country would be declared, these money would be returned. These are facts you won’t see anywhere near the google or Wikipedia. The mainstream is controlled by the agendists. You must be aware of this. But we are Anonymous

As long as Anonymous remains? The right thing shall be done.

RIP to an Agendist.


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