the quest for Biafra

If you are afraid that should Obi miraculously win, then Biafra struggle will end or be weakened, then I must say that you are standing on the wrong stage. You truly don't understand what you are into. You are simply a feeble minded person. And you are no different from those that will soon fall off from the struggle.

Nothing will stop the quest for Biafra. I don't see them allowing free and fair election. And should the youths force them to do the right thing, it will not end the struggle for Biafra. Buhari and his Fulani cabals with all their intimidation, arrest, imprisonment and kịlling did not end the struggle. Even with their kidnapping of IPOB leader and the unleashing of infiltrators against the struggle, they didn't end the struggle. Here IPOB is still waxing stronger, and you are there so afraid that a Peter Obi win will end the struggle.

Will Obi stop Fulanii herdsmen?
Will Obi stop Boko Haram?
Will Obi Restructure Nigerịa?

Do you know that restructuring is anti Fulanii agenda? Do you know that the Fulanii will rather accept division than restructuring? Do you know that with regionalisation the Fulanii has given you control over your destiny? And this is against the dictates of Uthman Dan Fodio who said that the South should remain a conquered territory and must not be allowed to take charge over their own destiny. So a restructured Nigerịa is them accepting defeat.

Yes, should Obi happen, he will open the economy, but won't change your position as a slave in Nigerịa. Only Biafra can make you a free man.
People will continue to desert the struggle just like those that joined the infiltrators did. The weak minds will leave, paving way for strong hearts to restore Biafra.

The restoration of Biafra need men of integrity, men and women ready to sacrifice all for freedom. Those men can't be gotten without what is happening today. Only that will give the master that 100 men.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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