The Sacrifice

The morning is silent
The evening cold
Millions are asleep
But I am not
Thinking has enveloped me
My mind goes back in thought
The Heroic deeds of our forefathers
The men that fought for the country they loved
That road of survival
The war that ate man, woman and children
Hunger became a bomb
killing millions; babies it didn't spare
It left them tiny
Lines drawn on their sides
Drawn naturally with their bones
Death became the only solution to pain
The flying tortoise from Britain and Egypt
They hovered around Biafra
They never cared about peace time
Everything they desecrated
dropping faeces everywhere
Spilling the blood of the innocent
As the darkness gives way for morning
The air rejoices in praise
Praising those whose sacrifice made today possible
For even when sitting at home became a crime
We gladly embraced crime for the love of our ancestors
Take libation
Take obeisance
We have never forgotten
And we can never forget
The sacrifices of lives that we may live
On top the sands of blood
The blood of our forefathers
We stand in sincerity and faith
Making this solemn promise
That we will be free
That we will restore Biafra
God's own Nation

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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