The Scam Called Igbo President

By Elochukwu Ohagi

Towards the year 2021, Governors of Igbo extraction started singing about the need for Igbo Presidency and the Fulani played along. Since the war ended, the Igbo, especially their political leaders have been made vulnerable. It became too bad that you can promise Igbo leaders the same thing and they will betray each other because of it. Almost all Igbo governors were promised the Nigeria seat of power and all of them became mad.

The Ebonyi State governor was the first to leave PDP and joined APC. The Fulani promised him that they will make him the Nigeria President. He started working against the interest of his people. He created an Ebubeagu and they were used to slaughter Igbo youths, all in the name of haunting IPOB members. It is on record that Fulani herdsmen since the creation of Ebubeagu have attacked many villages in Ebonyi state, yet we have never heard that Ebubeagu went against the killer herdsmen. But many Igbo youths have fallen by their hands. Ebubagu seems to be one of the things he must do to be the favorite for the scam called Igbo presidency.

While the Fulani promised David Umahi the presidency come 2023, they also did the same to Rochas Okorocha, Nyesom Wike, and many others. They all bought the ticket hoping that the Fulani will fulfill their promise. They all have done their quota. The one in Rivers state unleashed mayhem in Obigbo. Lots of youths were killed and hundreds more were taken to the North and imprisoned. That's what he needs to do to please his Fulani masters. Rochas was totally disgraced. After spending 100s of millions, not even one person voted for him. He had to speak Hausa and fulfude, just to appear acceptable in front of the Fulani, yet they dealt with him.

As of then, the debate about the Igbo presidency was on. Every media house has been on it. The Fulani has gotten what they want. They got almost the entire Igbo leaders to support the kidnap of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from Kenya. They also used them to recruit criminals to infiltrate IPOB. But in all these things, none of them were allowed to fly their party's candidacy. They were totally scammed.

To still fool the wider Igbo people, Britain came up with an Obi candidacy. After Peter Obi noticed that he too will be disgraced during the PDP primaries, he was summoned by Britain and after that visit, he decamped from PDP and joined the Labor party. The wider Igbo had to be forced into participating in the 2023 election and the only person that can guarantee such is Peter Obi. With Peter Obi, even the #Endsars youths found hope in making Nigeria great again. Some supporters and admirers of Biafra and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu were also caught on the web. They temporarily jettisoned Biafra and became Obidient. But the question is, will Fulani or even Britain risk Peter Obi in that seat?

The last person a Fulani will want in that sit of power is an Igbo man, not to talk of Peter Obi. Imagine a Fulani after rejecting sellouts like Umahi, Rochas, and Wike, they will turnaround to accept Peter Obi they can't easily control. I doubt if Britain really wants an Obi presidency. Fulani will want someone that will continue their conquering of the South, and not halt or reverse it. Neither will Britain risk their Business in the East by allowing Peter Obi to become president.

I think Peter Obi was thrown up to force people's interest back to Nigerian politics and not to become president. Allowing the people's wish to happen this time will simply amount to an overthrow of the cabals whose businesses in Nigeria can't run successfully without corruption.

The Igbo presidency is a huge scam. There will be no Igbo man on that seat come 2023 and I am not seeing any in the future. This is why IPOB must be careful. The infiltrator was recruited to make it look like Nigerians and Britain wanted an Igbo to become president and IPOB caused him the seat. They will use the infiltrator to achieve this. This is why IPOB must continue distancing themselves from the actions of the infiltrators. IPOB must not be blamed for the already-known failure of Peter Obi. It must be said that he was rigged out. And when this happens, there will be an influx of people back to IPOB. Out of anger most of them who stupidly became Obidient will start shouting Biafra and demanding we go to war and take Biafra by force. IPOB should not listen to them when that time comes. See them as babies who can't control their emotions.

Those that believed in the scam called Igbo presidency will come back in shame.

Elochukwu Ohagi Official, Philosopher, Teacher, and Activist, 2022.

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