The So-Called Umu Ada In USA

The So-Called Umu Ada In USA Created The VAMPIRES That Killed Our Women In Enugu, In The Name Of Enforcing Sit At Home

Most of them in the USA created the evil eating our people today in Enugu.

More than 9 women were gunned down by senseless government-sponsored individuals. These individuals deceived some of them in the USA. Fools calling themselves Umu Ada, started contributing and sending funds to government-recruited criminals.

Now non of you idïots masquerading as Umuada was a victim of the madness you created, but innocent women going about their daily businesses became victims of your criminality and idiocy. Your fellow women are lying dead and you fools will be jumping around doing useless fundraising. You will stay in the USA with your families while empowering criminals to murder our people.

I remember the time MNK went to this same USA to ask for funds to defend our people. But they insulted him. Now this heartless wōmên in the USA is sending funds to have our women killed. They send funds to criminals to threaten people. I still remember the one that threatened me some months back. Which type of people will open fire on defenseless women if not cowards?

But how many people will you Umuada in the USA kill? How many more women will die in your hands? How many cultists and criminals are you guys going to sponsor to gun Biafrans down? How many markets will you Umu Ada in the USA burn down? Those shops you evil wōmên in the USA sent your thugs to burn down in Afo Urualla belong to your fellow women. But you fools are in the USA instead of contributing to protecting our people, you are contributing to having them killed.

I think Biafrans should not take the killing of Biafrans for granted. All of them that feed these vampires to adulthood must take responsibility for their criminal actions. When you fools were contributing to fake ESN and sending it to criminals that knew nothing about ESN, what do you think?

All of you Umu Ada in the USA have the blood of Biafrans on your hands.

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi, Philosopher, Tracher, and Activist, 2022.

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