Every society is made up of the good, the bad and the ugly. The workability of a society at every point in time is determined by any of the elements that have the upper hand. There is no problem when a society is filled with bad people or being led by bad people. The greatest threat to the well being of a society is when the ugly elements of the society take over the key sectors of the society. These irreverent elements play by no rules, they have no virtues, they have no allegiance to any creed or faith. The ugly ones are the death of any society unless they are stopped by the good ones. Yes. Only the good elements have the antidote to the madness of the ugly elements.
Who are the good elements? The good elements are made up of a very few percentage in a every given society. These are the people who play by the rules. Both legal and moral rules. They do not do this out of fear or punishment for being caught in the act, but because they know the implications of creating unbalance within the Web of the society. Through their sacrifice and self denial they become the moral voice, the voice of reason and a source of inspiration to the bad ones who are desirous of a guide.
The good elements are spread across several sectors of the society. Mainly, the teaching/educational sector have the preponderance of these good elements. Through their contributions, the future of the society is shaped. Once the good elements are found wanting in the teaching sector, the future of such society becomes compromised.
Who are the bad elements? These elements are the critical mass of the society. They play by the rules when they can and by their own rules when the ever watchful eyes of the law or public eyes are not on them. The bad elements know they are bad but they try to put a leech on their badness.
Outwardly they pretend they are good. But this smokescreen is used to deceive their fellow bad elements. The bad people run and fill almost every sector of the society. From the entertainment to finance, politics, industry, religion and sports. They also run the criminal underworld. It is from these criminal underworld they train, inspire and graduate the ugly ones.
The bad elements worship money. All their allegiance is to where the most money is. No matter the sector they operate in, their end game is to make money and enjoy life adequately.
Who are the ugly ones? These are the reprobates. The degenerates. The ones who can do the unthinkable even for the most flimsy of reasons. They can do anything to make money. They can do anything in the name of love. The ugly ones play by no rules and have no value for life. Their ugliness is their pride. They know they are bad but do not care to put a leech on their badness.
A society falls when the ugly ones gain control of key sectors like religion, governance and entertainment. A stable society keep the ugly ones within the fringes and the underbelly of the society. They smoke and smother these ugly elements whenever they want to find their way into the leadership of any sector of the society. They know that these societal maggots are the doom of any society they control. The ugly ones promote no values because they play by no rules.
Let's be more conscious of these elements

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