Before I made up my mind to follow mazi nnamdi KANU, I did a great background check on him because I don't want to be a gullible follower and after my investigation what I discovered about ohamadike ndigbo can not be compared to what I have seen with a lot of freedom fighters or even great men.
In the late 80s and early 90s there are some crop of rich people will call NNUKWU MMAWU meaning great masquerades and these set of NNUKWU MMAWU are mainly indulged in illegal means of livelihood like the popular 419,armed robberies, ritualists and kidnappers and this has misled and destroyed so many of youths who see these NNUKWU MMAWU as their role model or idol.
In this present generation people refer to successful ritualist, armed rubbers, fraudster as ODOGWU because of their luxurious lifestyle especially the way they attend functions with large money spraying.
The emergence of mazi nnamdi KANU did not only bring hope to the life of an average Biafran but it has helped in changing our mindset because mazi nnamdi KANU is a typical example of what a noble man represents.

For you to believe and follow mazi nnamdi KANU means you have decided to live a very straight forward live because the man you follow hates lies, stealing, injustice, self centeredness and crafty people.

The teachings of mazi nnamdi KANU is not only about freedom for BIAFRA but freedom from your idiotic way of reasoning, mazi nnamdi KANU have healed many homes of mental slavery and he has helped in resetting our thinking faculty, for all my life I have been fooled with religion  but MNK made me to do a thorough research about who I am and who chukwuokike really is and today I am proud of who I am and I can always point to mazi nnamdi KANU as the Jesus who made it happen.

If you are a follower of mazi nnamdi KANU there is no way you will be involve in anything criminality even during the ENDSARS when people went for looting MNK totally condemned it, remember when he warned cultists in our land to repent. ohamadike really hates anything illegal.

Mazi nnamdi kanu abandon practically every good things in life including his kingship, his home in the UK, his beautiful  and wonderful family and his freedom and today he is lying on the floor of the DSS dungeon with just one cloth and sometimes he is being starved of food  that is in abundance in his palace. what a man.

ODOGWU is someone who can sacrifice for others to live.

ODOGWU is someone who can stand before tyranny and speak truth to it.

ODOGWU is a person who have committed his entire life serving humanity.

Not when you scam people to buy a big car and be spraying bundles of money in a party then you think you will be regarded as ODOGWU.

Examples of ODOGWUS are nelson Mandela, martin Luther king, ohamadike ndigbo mazi nnamdi KANU, Patrice emery Lumumba and the host of others.



Austriaman 29.04.2022

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