the truth

Why are people not able to go to the hospital?

Why are they not eating well?

Why are they suffering? The answer is simple. Bad governance led by Nigerian politicians.

But people like Matthias want us to believe these problems is as a result of Jesus, and educated people are gbaming him. This is absolutely funny.

I am yet to see Matthias call out politicians
I have not seen him call out governors and presidents.
He has no problem with the judiciary or the killer military.

But Matthias has a problem with pastors. He said they are giving them olive oil and praying for them. He somehow has no problem with those that denied these people health insurance, good hospital and good roads.

Maybe some of us think that we are in this struggle to keep eyes right on the problem facing us. We see the truth and twist it.

I don't think sick people will choose to go to pastors when they have the means to travel abroad for a medical check. And I also don't think those people going to pastors don't have the mind to visit the hospital. It is that some of them don't have the means to get good health care for themselves. Also, I don't think Christianity abhors going to the hospital.

Yes, I am not saying some pastors are not fake and have never fooled lots of people. Far from it. But I am certain Matthias knew that the problem lies in the hands of the leaders than these pastors. He knew that should the leaders do their job properly, most of these pastors will not see anyone they can fool, but he will say nothing about these leaders. Do you know why? He will always go for a soft target. And use it to fool people.

I want to see Matthias go after the real criminals. I will like him to call out politicians. I want to tell Matthias that the reason for bad governance is never because I chose to worship my lovely dog, and neither was it because some group of people gathered to pray to Jesus.

Politicians are directly connected to bad governance ravaging our people. They are looters and criminals. Why is it that you know this but will support the nonsense he is doing? Bad governance will subsist when we keep supporting people like Matthias who knew the problem but choose to pursue rat.

I see no difference between Matthias and fake pastors. Matthias knew that the reason why people can't afford good hospitals and chose to go to churches is because of bad governance orchestrated by politicians, but he won't call out the politicians. Rather he blames pastors and Jesus as if deleting Jesus and Pastors will solve the problem. He is no different from fake pastors that will refuse to condemn politicians and call them out for impoverishing the people because they believe they gain from it too.

If you can't stand the truth, you are not fit for this struggle.

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher, and Activist, 2023.

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