the video of the man they kîlled and dumped in a pit

I have been thinking about the video of the man they kîlled and dumped in a pit. My suspicion was that the guy isn't the dreaded Ebubeagu Commander who kîlled 14 Igbo Youths. I called the video fake based on the fact that everything points that it was a ploy to make the people think he is dead and gone for good.

It is possible that it was Ebubeagu that did that thing. Owing to the fact that the person in that video looks like, and takes the same shape as Ogwu of Mozambique.

It is good that the real identity of the person in that video has been ascertained. And till this very moment, they said he is still missing. So those that carried the news as Ebubeagu Commander should retract immediately.

I remembered someone from Imo state, Orlu to be precise telling me that members of Ebubeagu has lots of pits scattered in Imo state, where they dump their kills. So if that video is real, then that must be one of those pits Ebubeagu has been dumping innocent Imo youths they kîlled.

I trust that when this government in Imo state must have been dethroned, and an honest investigation carried out, those pits will be discovered and the bodies exhumed.

May the kîllers of their own people never go unpunished.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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