The video where a transitional local government chairman was beheaded

The video where a transitional local government chairman was beheaded is still blackmail against IPOB, but some people will not see it. Do you know why? Because those barbarians that did it said they are not IPOB or ESN. This is called reverse psychology.

Any foreigner that watches them say they are not IPOB or ESN will immediately conclude they are IPOB or ESN. He will say they are lying. They said what is expected.

Things are getting tougher and your blackmailers are getting smarter.

Earlier before now your blackmailers will behead someone and insinuate they are IPOB and even mention MNK. A lot of IPOB media warriors have questioned how IPOB will commit a crime of that magnitude and say on camera that they did it. Where is it done? IPOB media warriors decimated the blackmailers and exposed their lies. Today, they came with another format. Say they are not IPOB or ESN, while indirectly saying otherwise. If they are not IPOB or ESN, then why are they saying it? Who are they defending? Did IPOB or ESN ask that they should be defended? Could it be they are friends of IPOB or ESN? These are questions you need to ask and answer and you will understand their game.

I seriously think the security agents are complicit in what is happening today in South East. They will quickly write to the media and say IPOB did it. And all media news outlets in Nigeria will quote what the police said without any investigation.

I am not an investigator, but even an amateur knows that the first account that posted that video to the internet can be traced. The question is, why is DSS not tracing the first person to post these videos so that they can be questioned? They need to tell the masses how they managed to get hold of that video.

The reason they are not investigating these things will tell you who is behind the barbaric killings.

A message has been sent... that's their eagerness to harm people during the election. These people must be countered and exposed. They must take responsibility for their criminal actions.

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher, and Activist, 2023.

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