13th July 2023.

The plan to disparage the genuine self-determination movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) by an insignificant misinformed group called Federation of Nigerian Activists (FENA) and their unpurpular and clueless leader called Comrade Adeboya indicated that the group and it's leader Comrade Adeboya has failed. The group is peddling fake information against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) movement because they are in league with criminals whose aim is to destroy the image of IPOB across the world, but we are here to set the records straight.

Comrade Adeboya as you call yourself, IPOB is not responsible for these criminalities going-on in the Southeast instead you were among those recruited criminals hired to destroy Igboland and stop IPOB from achieving our end, but you have failed woefully on arrival and you and your group came very late.

It is unfortunate that you didn't read numerous press releases where IPOB disassociated itself from criminals and hoodlums thinking that they are doing our people a favor.
This nonexistent group that has no office should go back to the drawing board and stop linking IPOB with what they don't know. Do your research.

Comrade Adeboya, if you want to use IPOB to become popular, it would not work. Instead, you have trashed any image you had because of your ignorance. You can crawl back under the rock where you crawled out of.

We just want to give you little information. IPOB does not engage or indulge with criminalities because the leaders are intelligent and professionals. Stop linking an innocent group like IPOB into criminalities from henceforth because you are not going to benefit anything from it. Instead, it will destroy you in perpetuity.

We are a nonviolent movement seeking freedom from the Nigeria State. We will stop Nigeria from humiliating our people and put an end to their suffering at the hands of Nigeria. There is no going back on this project until Biafra freedom comes through a UN supervised referendum.

Comrade Adeboya, you don't know what is happening in IPOB and ESN, and you are among those who recruited the Ekperima and his group of criminals to disturb Igbo Land. You people must fail. Your hungry group of federation of Nigerian Activists, FENA, has no place in Nigeria.

Mr. Adeboya and his hungry group don't know that Ndigbo know who are doing kidnappings and killings when they stage sit-at-homes. We have always known that your hand is in the sinister plot to destroy Igboland.

For your information, IPOB sit-at-home orders are not enforced or forced on our people because IPOB is peaceful and remains peaceful until Biafra freedom comes. Just know that Biafrans know who is constantly perpetrating criminalities in the Southeastern region. You and the Fulani government of Nigeria have failed woefully and can't resurrect until Biafra liberation is materialized.


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