The Wild Goose Chase Called "Presidency".

Dr. Peter Odili was a victim of this wild goose chase called presidency. He fell victim, after Obasanjo and co. chopulate him, chopped, ate all his money they denied him the ticket, and then, showed him the exit door.
Amaechi came on board, got power drunk, started the same wild goose chase of the the thing called presidency that his boss Dr. Peter Odili fell victim.
As he got power drunk with so much money at his disposal.
The power that be from the other end saw a free ATM machine that was ready to dispense free money to all and sundry, they brought him closer to them, made him empty promises, chopulate him too, chopped his money, milked him dry, used him as they liked, and in the end pushed him by the corner. Till date he's still waiting for the promise of presidency. He is also a victim.
Now, the latest victim is Wike.
He came on board with so much goodwill from the Igbos in Rivers state and Igbos worldwide who loved him and respected him so much and took him as their own and ready to support him anyday anytime thinking he is what they thought he is, Nwanne ha.
As he became power drunk and those people saw that he is power drunk with also toooooo much money to waste, they got him into first, k!lling the Igbos and into enemity with the Igbos who loved him so much, with same promises of presidency if he k!lls them. And he did it.
The same promises, the same road that his predecessors, the two former governors before him travelled and fell and was dumped was the same route Wike journeyed with Obigbo gen0cide on his neck.
Today, they did not only chopulate his money, they also abandoned him in the middle of the "something". The something he killed Igbos in Obigbo for in order to be supported and accepted was denied him, just like they also did to Dr. Peter Odili and Amaechi.
So,. Dr. Peter Odili was a victim.
Amaechi was a victim
And now Wike is also a victim.
Who's next?
All the Billions of naira of Rivers State peoples money has been washed away, wasted, flushed into soak away from 1999 ~ 2022 for unrealised/unrealistic personal presidential ambition of three power drunk individuals.
Maybe, just maybe, the next governor of Rivers state will learn his free lessons and not be a victim like his predecessors.
Will the next governor of Rivers State be sensible enough not to toe the part of these three individual mentioned here?
Only time will tell.
© Her Excellency Oluchi Christy

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