The youths that went out for #EndSARS are campaigning to select between Obi, Tinubu and Atiku come 2023.

Among the three contestants, two massively supported Buhari in 2015. They were with him in the same party and contributed hugely economically to make the coming of Buhari a success. They told lies upon lies and at last with their connection they rigged Buhari into power.

Today, Buhari's government has not only destroyed economy and made lots of families hungry, the government is responsible for the abduction and murder of lots of innocent people. Not even to talk of their support for terrorism and terrorists.

In a sane society, both Atiku and Tinubu won't be contesting election, because they know that it is but a waste of time. But Nigería is not a sane society. These people are responsible for the gunning down of protesters at Lekki tollgate, yet the same youths are supporting these old dangerous crimînals because of money.

That's to tell you that majority of the people lying to themselves that they are Nigeríans are actually not loyal to Nigeria. They are never patriotic to the country. That's why for them it is not about the most competent, but about their turn and tribe first. Buhari was declared winner in 2015 and made his government a Fulanii government. That's because his loyalty is for his own people and not for any other. He called the East 5 percent people and promised he won't treat those that didn't vote for him equally with those that voted for him. And I know that Tinubu and Atiku will do the same thing if he get to that place. Obi might not do it the way the other two would have done it, but for sure you will notice it in his government.

Nigería is like a no man's land, reason Nigería will never grow or get better. No body cares for Nigeria. When they get to that place they will understand that Nigería is for no body. Jonathan got there and was too naive to understand this. This is why billions will be given to the Fulani herdsmen terrorists for building of Ranches, but nothing for ASUU. This is why South East will be denied Railway, but a neighbouring country like Niger Republic can get a railway and billions for purchase of car from Fulani led Nigeria government. This is a prove that Nigería is not for you.

Unfortunately, it is only an Igbo man that will like to make a difference in a country no one is patriotic to. Those of them possessed by the deadly spirit of efulefu ism are guilty of this.

Why are the youths that witnessed #EndSARSProtest campaigning for Atiku and Tinubu? Why is it that men and women that witnessed the last 7 years of suffering and pestilence brought upon the people by the combination of Buhari, Atiku and Tinubu are today Atikulated an shouting emilokan?

The answer is very simple. Nigería belongs to no one. We all are fooling ourselves here. This place won't get better. The best option is IPOB option. Organise a referendum and allow people to decide whether to stay or leave.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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