They can only deceive you if you let them

There are so many propaganda flying everywhere on the internet trying to paint this narrative that IPOB ESN is kidnapping and extorting from our people. I came across one story recently on how one young man was kidnapped and Ransome paid only for the kidnappers to turn around and told them that they're IPOB ESN. My question is why do thieves cover their faces during robbery if not to hide their identity? Same goes to kidnappers, infact, they go to the extent of telling you not to inform the police or any security personnel just for their anonymity. Then, who in his right mind would kidnap, demand for ransom and still reveal their identities as IPOB ESN if not for cheap blackmail to tarnish the Golden image of IPOB ESN?

One may also ask. Were they kidnappings and ransom before the emergence of IPOB ESN? If yes, is IPOB ESN manifesto ever read KIDNAPPING? Was many assassinations and heinous crimes that can only be attributed to politicians not happening before the birth of IPOB ESN? You sure know the answers to those questions.

The game plan of dubious politicians pushing for this narrative is to commit all this heinous crimes using their tugs in the name of IPOB ESN so you can reject your own movement. They want to demonize that name to the extent that you will give up on your freedom been piloted by IPOB ESN led by Mazị Nnamdi Kanu and revolt against her. Once that's done, they will rejoice that the only resistance, the people had is out of their way, so they will have a field day in raping and milking us without any push back or challenge.

Don't fall for their gimmicks, orchestrated by same dubious politicians that kept us in this condition for decades. They're looking for a scapegoat to hang on their failures and crimes.

Kidnapping is a terrible crime which affects a victim psychologically afterwards and shouldn't be encouraged by any group or individual. In fact, one can die from its trauma. That's why IPOB leadership always call out names of anybody who's not following the template of IPOB ESN, publicly on radio Biafra so the world would know we don't condone criminality in IPOB ESN.

IPOB is a peaceful movement championing for the restoration of Biafra and not the enthronement of kidnappings and other crimes. This is the manifesto of IPOB and it hasn't changed.

Any efforts by haters of IPOB ESN or enemies of Biafra restoration to blackmail her is not only childish but foolish.

©Chukwudi Samuel, 05 03 2022
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