They First Thought We Are All Fools...

Then they said they will create a parallel freedom agitators.

After we must have made ourselves a fearless, courageous and God fearing leader, they kidnapped him and wanted to give us one of their dub-ious recruit as our leader.

They got to some people who lied with the name of MNK and told us MNK said he should start broadcasting through Radio Biafra. When the dub-ious fellow was asked to sign the requirements for doing such, he said over his dead body will he do that.

Don't forget that many have signed it and did more for the sake of freedom. But here is a man who claimed he is in for freedom, but he can't sacrifice anything for it.

The government sponsored the zoo media to keep reporting that he has taken over the leadership of IPOB from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They kept the misinformation coming and coming. They kept hyping him. The guy was only broadcasting like every other person, but because he was an agent of the Nigeria government, they had to force him on gullible people. Low minded people have already started campaigning that he take over. They said he is the type of person they need. Don't forget he has already started calling himself MNK's disciples and matching his pictures always with that of MNK. All these was to work on your mind. A disciple will take over from his master when he is no more, and you seeing his pictures side by side with that of MNK made it easy.

The game was to force you to forget MNK, start afresh and crash all of you along the line. The zoo believe that every Igbo man has a prize. They arrested MNK in 2015 thinking he will sell out. They made many moves as to buy him off, but the courageous man who has vowed to remain as white as snow refused to take their bribe or disappoint his people. When he has shown them that indeed there is an Igbo man still with his integrity intact; an Igbo man different from today's Igbo politicians betraying their own people, they got fraustated and moved to kill him, but Elohim saved him.

Since he cannot bulge, they had to commit an international crime by kidnapping him in Kenya and renditioned him to Nigeria. That will give them the opportunity to swap him with a criminal they recruited for the job.

Leadership is a gift from God. It's never something a  dub-ious government can use media and money to create. IPOB leadership is not Imo state seat of power where Fulani can use Supreme Court of Nigeria to sack a legitimate governor and replace him with someone that got 4th place in the election. IPOB is an organisation with a structure. IPOB is an organisation that has so evolved so much that even without her leader, every sincere and committed IPOB member knows who to listen to. It is not anyhow organisation were a man with big friends in government can be installed as a leader.

Like we always say, no matter how far lies travels, truth will surely overtake it. They started with lies. They accused IPOB leadership of betraying MNK. They cried on social media and said they had proves that will confirm that DOS betrayed our leader. Where are those proves they claimed they have? Have you asked?

Of course, Biafrans love Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and they will never forgive whoever that betrayed MNK, even if it were to be the leaders of IPOB. So emotions were up, unchecked emotions, many bought the lies. And many others lived in confusion that they know not what to believe in again. Some silently withdrew from everything, and said they will only come back when MNK comes out. But that's exactly what those that recruited the crimînal in Finland wanted. Imagine that all of us said the same thing and withdrew, how will MNK come out? What happens to IPOB?

It is on this note that I salute every man and woman that stood their ground and defended this struggle from vampires recruited by Nigeria government to destroy the struggle. You all are heroes and heroines. Your names will be written in gold when all these is over. Indeed, IPOB has created men and women of integrity.

People who will restore the dignity of the Igbo man, that was lost after the civil war.

It is not over yet, but it will soon be over. Keep the faith.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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