This journey called LIFE

The first photo was taken and posted on Instagram on 14•09•2019 and the second photo taken on 08•06•2021 at Nôrvi¢ Hôspital. It is the sàme persôπ, fôrmer Miss Wôrld Népàl se¢ôπd Rúπners-Up Nîshá Ghimíré - Frôm Nepal .

Nîshà was on top of her career in 2018 as a model and a top actress in Indian movies. She was just beginning to harvest the fruits of her dreams that she had pursued from childhood. Cominπg from a pôôr family, she had high hope of lifting her family from pôverty through her talent.

Companies competed to have her as their brands ambassador; big names in Nepal and India both in politics and entertainment fought for her attention and everyone wanted to be associated with her. Her star was rightly positioned to shine; Everyone saw a huge future in her.

In January 2019, she travelled to India to further her skills in Modelling and talent management at Derahdun. Unfortunately she got involved in a road accident {according to local tabloids} months later. Her family couldn't pay for her treatment, all the people who wanted to be with him and the peak of her fame disappeared.

She was brought up back to her home in Nepal to wait for her death. Friends would just visit to take photos like this second one and share on internet to earn likes but did absolutely nothing to help her. Politicians, entertainers and all those who followed her were not there.

At the height of her career, among the people who wanted her service to push their brand was a entrepreneur called Megha Chaudhary. Her manager refused that she shouldn't work with Megha because her business was "small" Megha learnt of her sickness through internet and specifically her photos posted by friends that went viral.

It is only this Megha {whom her manager refused to let her work with} that came to her rescue the last minute when no one could come through. Even her own manager ran and couldn't be traced. Megha paid her hospital bills at Nôrvi¢, and the cost for therapies.

Sadly she didn't make it. Nisha passed away on 01•09•2021. It is Megha who took care of the burial expenses and offered to pay fees for her siblings including the one at university. Those who cheer you up when you are winning will most probably not be on your side when you are losing.

~Zainab Suleiman

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