Those promoting Omenala as a religion and not culture think that they can use lies against Christianity to promote their religion.

They have groups where they brainwash them that Christianity is the problem. They tell them Africa is down because of religion (Christianity). That we need a home grown religion to flourish as a people. They pride themselves more, to the extent that they say freedom won't come unless they the Omenala guys get involved. These things are pure lies.

I can't believe it that someone is being told that Christianity is the problem in a country we have Buhari, Rochas, Hope and many other crimînals as leaders and they are believing it. But these days, after looking at how people were fooled by the Nigería government agent in Finland, I then know that our people are very easy to deceive. Imagine people that have a useless constitution called 1999 constitution, and trapped in a country that has Fulanii herdsmen terrorists as leaders lording it over everything blaming Christianity as the problem. When I say it, they tell you he is defending religion. Very funny. You are lying, and when you are confronted, you come up with your accusations of defending religion. Funny people. You are promoting religion with lies. And when told you are lying, you turn to accusation. Bro it won't fly. At least not with me.

Nigeria has wicked leaders. Incompatible people were brought together in Nigería. They have a useless constitution. They have corruption in almost every sector. They have crimînals as head of police, immigration, custom and army. All these things are indices of bad governance. But someone gathered you inside one group on Faceb00k to brainwash you that Christianity is your problem and you believed.

Have you asked them why they removed me from the Igbo Mary Igbo group the formed? I kept confronting their lies and when they couldn't bear it, they kicked me out. You see, lies will take you no where. One of them said this is how Uche Mefor started defending religion. That's as if I hold any position. Bro listen, I hold no position. I am simply a writer and I write to the best of my understanding what I think is right. If you think I am wrong, challenge me with reasons and not blackmail me with your nonsensical emotional games.

You don't need religion as a nation to grow. You need a working constitution that can checkmate those in government. You can't bring that thing called 1999 constitution and want to succeed. That is a constitution that gives room for corruption, injustice and marginalisation. Delete Christianity or all forms of religion, without getting the right constitution and right form of government suitable for your people, you are going no where.

Religion is not in charge of your resources. Religion is not your president. Buhari is not a Bishop. Hope is not a pastor. Judiciary is not an extention of a Christian church. Why are you allowing these people to keep lying to you. Why?

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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