Those That Committed The Pogrom Of 1966 And Led The Asaba Genocide Still Rule Nigeria Today

Every country has its history, and at times the history might be bad or ugly, but what differentiates Nigeria from the rest of other countries is their wickedness in shielding away these atrocities to the generations to come. This was done to keep the youths in the dark. The politicians ruling today are the same politicians that played a major part in the ugly events of the yesteryears. Some of them in their 80s and 90s are still struggling to lead or at least be the decision makers in a country that have divided more than it was during the last civil War.

Not many people calling themselves Nigerian know the story behind the history of the country they are living in. They don't know that the leaders of today have soaked themselves in the blood of their fellow citizens. In fact, the killing of more than 100 youths in #LekkiTollgate is not the first time these men has killed their own citizens.

In 1966, after the military revolution led by Kaduna Nzeogwu, Mohamadu Buhari, Yakubu Gowon and many others at the helm of affairs in Nigeria today led a deadly counter coup that culminated into the massacre of more than 50 thousand Easterners, mostly Igbo people living in the North.

The Northern Soldiers have already rounded up Aguiyi Ironsi, the then Nigeria Head of State who made a working visit to the Western Nigeria. They captured him and killed in the most barbaric manner. They got him replaced with Yakubu Gowon who today goes around prying for the same Nigeria he sprinkled with the blood of his fellow countrymen. The killing of the Igbo Head of State did not pacified the North. They went on to round up about 350 Eastern military officers and killed them all. Yet this didn't pacify them.

Northerners trooped out in numerous numbers and started attacking Easterners living in the North. School children were killed, bread winners killed and their bodies littered all over the streets of the northern Nigeria. It wasn't a sight to behold. Pregnant women was never spared. They killed them, opened their stomachs and the foetus cut into pieces. At last it was recorded that another 50,000 Easterners laid dead in Northern Nigeria, killed by those you today call fellow countrymen, at the supervision of the current leaders leading you.

Permit me to tell you that you are led by civil war criminals who committed the Asaba Genocide, where they after capturing Asaba, they brought out the men, asked them to shout One Nigeria. When at it, they opened fire on them all. Only few survived this massacre. Funny enough, Murtala Mohammed that commanded this military was honoured with his head on 20 Naira Bill.

We are pretending in Nigeria. We think that men that fought and killed more than 3.5 million of your people actually love you. For more than 5 decades we all have pretended to be fellow countrymen, when the killing has continued. The same president Mohamadu Buhari who is leading Nigeria today has threatened Biafrans on twitter about repeating the genocide of 1967/70,leading to twitter deleting that tweet. We still remember how they banned twitter in Nigeria for many years.

This same people that killed your fathers in 1966 are today protecting their Fulani herdsmen bandits and terrorists while they kill your brothers for protesting and demanding for referendum. Since Fulani herdsmen terrorists are killing and kidnapping people, no Fulani has been arrested and non is on trial, but the same Nigeria government who have maintained a blind eye over what their Fulani herdsmen terrorist brothers are doing has gone to Kenya and abducted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and renditioned him to Nigeria. They are ready to commit crime to bring Mazi Nnamdi Kanu back to Nigeria, but they are not ready to stop the atrocities being committed by their own Fulani people.

Why? Because Nigeria is seen as their father Uthman Dan Fodio's property and they won't stop until they take it back.

It is left for you to start thinking now.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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