threat made by Orji Uzo Kalu against the people of Biafra

I don't know how you are seeing the threat made by Orji Uzo Kalu against the people of Biafra. I know that for some of us it is nothing. After all, he is threatening people in the Bush and not people in the village. So many people won't feel threatened now. That's as if the bombing will be restricted in the bushes. We are talking about a military that have wiped off villages, and an Airforce that have bombed IDP camps and called it a MISTAKE. That's the people a sitting Senator representing Igbo land wants to bring into Igbo land to bomb his people.

When NigerĂ­a military started gunning down IPOB peaceful protesters, we read people on this blue app supporting them against IPOB members waving Biafra flags. With the support they got, this same military graduated and gunned down more than 100 NigerĂ­a youths waving Nigeria flags at Lekki tollgate. This is a clear prove that whatever goes around comes around. What you support today might come to haunt you.

Orji didn't only speak for himself. He spoke for the political elites and they are clapping for him. When these people will come, they are not only going to bomb the bushes alone. Villages and towns will also get the same treatment. This is the reason why the people threatened by the senator should not go back to sleep. This threat is real. This threat should be put out on every platform. This threat should be shown to every world government. This must be done so that when what will happen, will happen the will see that the aggressors are the politicians.

I see the people rising up against politicians any day what Orji said happens. I see this land being hot for them. I see them and their families heading to Exile. I see a violent uprising.

I want to advise these leaders to be careful. This land is not peaceful because you have Soldiers and policemen. This land is peaceful because majority of the people decided to remain peaceful and law abiding. Should the politicians push these people to the wall, they will be the ultimate losers.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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