Treaty between The Alaafin of Oyo and The Queen of Great Britain and Ireland

Treaty between Adeyemi, Alaafin of Oyo and Head Yoruba Land and Her Majesty, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland.
I Adeyemi Alaafin of Oyo and Head of Yoruba Land, the four corners of which have been for time immemorial known as EGBA,KETU, JEBU and OYO embracing within its area that inhabited by all Yoruba speaking peoples being desirous of entering into and maintaining for ever friendly relation with the subject of Her Majesty , The Queen of Great Britain and Ireland and of developing the resources of Yoruba by means of legitimate trade with the subject of Her Majesty and those under her protection or who may hereafter come under her protection and in gratitude for what the Queen has at so much expense and risk to life done from time to time for my country have this day at the city of Oyo in the presence of those who have hereunto subscribe their names as witness declare my intention of Abiding by the following articles.
1. From hence forth there should be peace and friendship between the subject 8 of Her Majesty, The Queen and those under her protection and The Alaafin of Oyo and King of Yoruba Land his people over whom he has authority and influence.
2. The subject of The Queen may always trade freely with the people of Oyo and the Yoruba speaking country in ever article they may wish to buy and sell all towns, rivers creeks, waters, markets and places within territories known as Yoruba and I, Adeyemi pledge myself to show no favor and give no privilege to trades or people of other country which I do not give or show to those of the Queen.
3. British subject and other under the Queen protection are to have the first consideration in all trade transition with my peoples.
4. No tolls duties fees impost or charges shall be charge or levied upon the person of properties of any British subject or other person under her Majesty’s protection other than and beyond that or those which are customary and reasonable or may from time to time be agreed upon to be so levied or charged by governor of Lagos and myself.
(Original documents archived at National Archives Ibadan)

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