UMUDIOKA :The Igbo largest intraethnic Group .

The most widely spread and largest Igbo intra ethnic group in Igboland is the Umudioka . Their settlements are well enumerated and many are established kingdoms and autonomous communities.

They are found in almost every LGA of the South East and south south . During the burial of my late Cousin Sam Okwaraji ,the footballer and National Hero, each Umudioka group through the present day south east and south south were represented in the national federation.
The entire Umudioka Communities , from Awka through Imo to the whole south East , Rivers ( umudioga) Delta, Cross river , etc all arrived in distinct group to pay condolences .They exist today in Igboland as autonomous communities . For instance in Orlu local Government Area , they have three traditional kingdoms - Owerre Umudioka, Umudioka Ukwu and Umudioka Ancient Kingdom . Our migrant axis is Igbo Ukwu and Awka .
Any group claiming to be larger and more widely spread should present it's census figures . The Dioka account for about 2.3m of the estimated 50m Igbo population.
Umudioka people are the cultural ambassadors of the Igbo . A group fierce in warfare and well reputed mercenaries .It is taboo to sell the Dioka into slavery . Umudioka people may sell slaves or buy them though.
They teach and spread the Igbo customary rules in their sojourns and are semi normadic . They are the earliest judges called the Nze . They are the curators of the practices of the Nze na Ozo and initiate Igbos through the Ichi scarifications rites as far back as 8th century AD.
They were the earliest known poets . Poetry is referred to as Abuokri. A poet is referred to as Diokri or Diabuokri . It is rich in praise singing, allusions and imageries and often recited like rythmic incantations. The Oja flute is used as an accompaniment.
When the Dioka is carrying out the scariffication of an initiate, he douses his face with a potent substance from the Ichi leaf that is used as the local anasthesia or pain killer . He distracts the initiate with his poetry called the Abuokri which often is a traditional poem to keep him from paying attention to the scariffication rites which is painful.
Any Igbo region without the spread of the Dioka people does not exist .
By @Darlington obiwuru

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