It was in August 6th and 9th 1945 that United State introduced a system of warfare in the world. This horrific days were the day the people of Japan saw their soil as a tasting ground for new form of war which reshaped our world till date. Prior to this ugly days of 1945, the international warfare had been based on sea powers as her Royal Navy made us to believe after her great winning in the battle of Waterloo of 1815 AD against Napoleon. As Victor Hugo wrote, “Waterloo is not a battle; it is the changing face of the universe”. The "changing face of the universe" wasn't left alone alone for Great Britain to control rather Germany under Adolph Hitler, competitively and constructively contended the period of marine war edge with Britain through her terrifying U-Boat invention. United States also wasn't left behind in the marine war edging of the time. Infact, the bombing of Pearl Harbor Navy Base in United States by the Japanese forces in 1941, forced United States to join the second world against central forces.
The coming of United States into the war, led to the end of marine war toppling in international warfare. United States came in, introduced a new system of war known as Air Force by dropping the atomic bomb in Japan which till date, Japan hasn't come out of the effects of the bomb. Before the movement of warfare from marine to air power, people of the world were family with ground battles as ancient history told us. From Mesopotamia to Byzantine civilizations, it was all land wars. The world wars and battle systems have evolved from land to sea and from sea to air. The airpower which came into international war system from mid 20th Century, is also not left alone for United States to own. The airspace is a battlefield among many nation states and everyone is doing her best to edge her foreseeable "enemies" except African states minus Egypt and Morocco.
Today, wars tactics are advanced and moved from air force to mind force. Those who still brags on their airforce, have embraced the current warfare which centers on mind force. No thanks to African Nations lagging behind in the new trend. Every single progressive society is heavily budgeting on mind warfare. From United States, down to China and the rest, all are on it together. That is why Artificial intelligence and other related information control mechanisms are on the high. Research has shown that for you to kill something, you must first of all, kill it in the minds of people first. That is why information and disinformation are heavy budgets all over the world. Those who are familiar with AI world can atttest to the fact man has advanced to the point of creating a generic social media commentators called TROLL. These computer generated comments come in diverse ways depending on the programming of the end user of the application. Many companies have built on this and are selling it to most governments of the earth to deploy against dissenting opinions.
Several times I have had them deployed by their end users on my posts. The simple way to dictate Facebook accounts is by profiling the attacking account. For instance, imagine an account saying to you, "we are on autopilot". As you check the account profile, you simply can't see Biafran post or anything relating to Biafra on the account wall. That is a TROLL account. Israeli and Chinese companies are advance makers of these trolls. Most African countries are already in use of it to change opinions of her citizens against or pro depending on whaTROLLt the regime wants. I chose my time to educate Biafrans on this because both the Nigerian military cyberwar unit and DSS are already in possession of these equipments. So you don't get agitated when your opinions are attacked by faceless and unaddressed accounts. At that moment, you are dealing with a robot or program. Your reactions are mere waste of times.
It is simple. Trolls help regimes to cover up those things their citizens can't do for them due to disappoinment to the government maladministration. Furthermore, it is less expensive to deploy TROLLS on social media spaces because asking for such service from citizens might go with monitory inducements. So governments feel it is cheaper to get the help of these trolls attacking unbehalf of the regime interests or defending for her own interests. The essence of this expose is for we all to understand the magnitude of mind warfare that we are in for.
It is disappointing that Governments also clamps down on protesters for some reasons most of us don't have known of. You are deceptively told it is to "avert breakdown of law and order". How true is that chagrin? FALSE! Government stops protest because they understand how embarrassing to see people protesting against them while on social media, good things are said about them. So it calls for questions for people to ask why are people protesting when the goodness of the government is trending. In order not to embarrass themselves, human activities which can be seen on streets protests are suppressed while their robots work online.
That is exactly where we are in battle today. The reason IPOB have survived this plot is owning to the fact of her coordinating force. Such coordinating structure is a difficult thing to breakdown with TROLLS. It is difficult because leadership leads to coordination and where their is cordination, the people often fall back to center which is their real information sources. For TROLLS to work effectively against IPOB, the leadership must go down and the struggle activated for "autopilot mode" so that the people in midst of their confusion can be fed with generic information popped up by TROLLS. It is real and the machines already deployed. The longer the structure, the problematic and TROLL PROOF the Biafra project becomes
Trolls don't work within a centralized systems rather its smooth lane is a polarized system. When control is missing, trolls step in. Where there is no structure and leadership, trolls do have a feast as confusion is her environment of fertilisation.
Written by Chika Austine

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