Biafra struggle is a great phenomenon today thanks to one man's vision. We sing and shout Biafra today is all because of he who fights from the forefront. Mazi Nnamdi kanu, the leader of indigenous people of Biafra is in fact the face of Biafra today. Pardon me for a little preamble.

They're biafran people, they're are populace who are biafrans who indeed crave for freedom. Let not forget that this populace was there before IPOB as an organization started to preach Biafra yet they said nothing, in fact they became scared when Biafra is been mentioned.

"The beauty in gold is hidden until refined" this is exactly what happened with the case of IPOB. At the beginning, IPOB were carjoled, mocked even from those supposed Biafra populace. And it's of note to say that IPOB has been registered as an organization spearheading for her freedom. Why am pointing out all this fact is for those who like to say that all of us are IPOB member. No doubt we all are IPOB but you cannot claim to be ipob oat member without meeting some requirements which is registration, taking oat, attending meetings, paying dues, obeying order and not cause or bring insorbodination to the family. I believe this is well well understood.

IPOB as an organization, so focused to attain her freedom has no time for distraction. That's why we take our time to educate our people in the activities of IPOB because IPOB is very robust. We're not a "one way" organization both in our approach and strategies.

What IPOB ask from the populace who didn't understand her strategy is to please watch from side and not distract the movement.

Many loved the refined IPOB but disliked what made it refined, unique and attractive. Isn't that funny.
Months back, our amiable leader told us about a deep conspiracy and bribery to infiltrate IPOB and destroy her. After that, he also told us how Nigeria government dished out billions to that effect. We were awake, we are ready, waiting for them to surface because we know that in time of war, no enemy reveals the time of offensive against their opponent.

When our leader was kidnapped, everybody was in sober state, many was in a state of despair, the infiltrators rose to take advantage of our people's emotions to try distabilize the very fabric of our existence which is discipline. In difficult and Trying moments, disciples are tested, so we must held on to our demand for Biafra our leader's legacy IPOB.

This might come as a warning to Those few biafran infiltrators who think that IPOB is already a Democratic government were democracy rules. Not at all. IPOB is a quasi military organization were we follow order from our superior and maintain a high level of readiness to advance our course for Biafra.

IPOB as an organization already has a way of doing things within, so if you come into IPOB, you must abide by her principle of operation which made her a refined product. Discipline is her bedrock, obedience is her backbone, command and control is her strength.

~Chukwudi Samuel, 09 02 2022

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