Understanding The Concept Of Benin Descendant

The region called Benin was originally known as Idu or igodomigodo. It was peaceful before the invasion of migrants from ile ife. inhabitants of the region were nearby Igbos, ijaw,,Esan, itshekiri people.They all lived there peaceful.
Benin and Igodomigodo are two separate kingdoms. Benin was a new kingdom founded by Yoruba prince Oranmiyan's descendants on land negotiated with the Ogiamien, rulers of old Igodomigodo/IDU which today is known as Utantan. The Obas of Benin at no time ever sat on the Ogiso throne and were never a continuation of it . They founded their own kingdom called Ile ibinu kingdom by Oranmiyan in 1170 Ad, corrupted to Benin by Portugal and ruled over migrants from Ile Ife mixed in with the idu women they captured and forced to marriage, along with their descendants. Oranmiyan was a Yoruba prince from Ile Ife, He forcefully married princess Erinwinde mother of Eweka l. Oranmiyan was the father of the first Oba of Benin Eweka l, Oranmiyan was also the first Alafin of Oyo and the Sixth Oni of Ife. And the time when he left Oyo kingdom to reclaim the throne of Ife from the priest, He left behind his son Ajaka as the king in Oyo and his son owomika aka Eweka l In Benin. He controlled both territories as the sixth Oni of Ife. He was not in any way connected to the Ogiso dynasty.
The Binis are Yorubas from Osun State who migrated to Idu land and learnt Esan language and picked Esan names. The Bini language is Esan mixed with Ife Ikedu dialect together with words borrowed from neighbouring Igbos and Portuguese words.
First phase of migration
The present bini people of Edo state invaded the region of Idu in 1170AD .The invasion was followed by introduction of alien ritual practices, culture, hence people began to scamper for safety in various directions. Igbos recount this war in a popular saying "agha ado na idu" which simply means the war between the Ado(bini invasion from Ife) and peaceful Idu people. This was the first reason igbos whose migration earlier extended to Idu began to retreat backwards towards east ,a recoil migration which some confuse to be Benin migration. This explains why all those who left Idu moving towards east had igbo names and language because they were never bini people from beginning. Same situation with the Yorubas who move towards west from Benin following this invasion. There was ritual and beheading of children and women for human sacrifice.
Second phase migration
.By 15th century, the bini had already settled down in Idu and an Oba system established.Alongside itshekiri they had contact with Portuguese, hence the acquisition of arm's which gave them strong military influence. The bini is said to have fought over 200 battle and all were with their neighbours. Most times the Portuguese escorted them to war. This was the second phase of exodus from the vicinity of Benin .
The reason people fled from the vicinity of Benin was due to hostilities and human sacrifices.

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