unfortunate end of infiltrator

Now, you see how all those people Finland infiltrator simon ekpa and Nelly DECEIVED and RECRUITED in the name of FAKE ESN have ended? They have pushed them into their early grave. They died in vain and for nothing.

Unfortunately, ekpa and Nelly that recruited them are now fighting themselves dirty and exposing themselves and simon also uploaded many Nelly nud€ pictures on Facb00k.

You can see what indiscipline and how following fake people has caused their untimely deaths.

The other day it was one they called baby bush, today I read that another one they called double lion is also dead. I heard that one's name "double lion" in one video I watched online some time ago where Nelly was shouting his name on video.

We talked and talked and talked, telling them, leave cr!me let cr!me leave you, leave those infiltrators called ekpa and Nelly that they are not real, but they refused to listen. Today, they have led them to death. Anyone still in doubt about simon ekpa and Nelly atr0cities? Has everything we wrote about them not happened?

This is a big lesson and caution for those still listening to those €vil infiltrators who came only to sT€al, ki.ll and d€str0y.

Now, nobody will remember those people that worked for ekpa and Nelly in the name of FAKE ESN and died because of ekpa and Nelly atrocities.

As Ikonso's wife and children are being taken care of by IPOB, tell me, who will remember those people that worked for ekpa and Nelly and their families? Is it ekpa or Nelly that are fighting themselves and doing P0rn?

It's unfortunate that they ended that way. And tonight infiltrator ekpa will be drinking, celebrating and partying. Wetin concern am kwanu?

© Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
Twitter: @oluchristty

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