video of the dead AYMY couple

Do you know why I still maintain that the video of the dead soldier couple was used to blackmail ndị Igbo and IPOB in particular?
This is why
Those that have watched that horrible video watched it with emotions, and that made them to ignore a very important silent information from the video.
Did you notice that the lady made no sound as she was kịlled by those devils. There is no way you can even kịll a goat or hen without the animal making a sound. We heard the voices of the people speaking barbaric words in Igbo, but no sound came from the lady. Even a weak person about to die will make a sound when being kịlled in such barbaric manner.
It is quite unfortunate that when you point these things out, some supporters of politicians will come with their usual emotional blackmail. They will overlook what you are saying to say you are supporting the kịllers. We know that game and won't let them shut us up. That's because the dead couple need the truth to come out.
Don't forget that this post is not saying that those people were not actually kịlled. This post is saying that games were played by those that want to finger IPOB. If you listen to the guy on that video, you will notice that he was trying so hard to convince people that he is very barbaric. Why he was saying those things, no sound came from the victim and when they started cutting, no sound came also. How did it happen? Did you ask? Definitely, the video was edited by those that want to blackmail IPOB. They removed the real background voice and inserted theirs. If you check the voice coming out from the video, you will notice that it is very clear, and never sounded like what was recorded in the open.
I still think that the radio should be subjected to thorough investigation. That video should be sent to a recognized agency so that it can be analyzed properly.
Did you watch the video? Did you notice the same thing I pointed out?
May the kịllers of these couple and those that doctored the video never find rest. Iseee.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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