Wàr Of Mïnds

One Nïgerian Thinkers must be doing everything possible to save One Nïgerian, and we all know they are not finding it easy.

They thought Ekperima could do it. Everything was in motion. They have played on the intelligence of Biafrans. They brought up someone they hyped so much and made him claim what he is not and people started praising him.

Oh, he is giving us actions.
Oh, what would we have done without him?
Oh, he is the reason we are still hearing about Biafra. Imagine a situation where we have a leader whose illegal detention has been singing Biafra to rooftops and one idiiot comes out to say he is the reason we are still hearing Bïafra. Lol.

It is more than two years now, you can't point to any single action done by the government recruited criiminal except the many lies he told.

I will give you Biafra in 150 days, and he made adults countdown to 150 days and nothing happened.
He lied he had gotten wárship from North Korea. He promised them Biafra in 2023. He claimed he is in charge of ESN, conducted fraudulent ESN fundraising and now accusing the same ESN of crimes.

The above was what the think tanks of One Nigeria presented just to destroy the struggle for the restoration of Bïafra led by IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. But it all failed.

Do we then think that these thinkers have accepted defeat? No way! They are paid well for this and they will do everything necessary to keep the paychecks coming.

The first plan was to use the criiminal to provoke a wàr. Get the people to háte their own freedom and prepare the ground for the slaughtering of freedom fighters.

Since this failed, then we must expect a plan B.

A good strategist will be suggesting that the zoo goes towards religious lines, and I think they are already at it.

During the Christmas celebration, we heard about some killings of people who went to church. We have not actually tried to ask questions. Who kïlled these people? What is their gain?

I won't also be surprised if they go after some traditionalists soon. Just to balance it and create the ground for the Christians and traditionalists to accuse each other.

They are trying to set fire among our people. That's the game.

They have already gotten an agent from the traditional angle who has succeeded in making it look like there is a battle ongoing between traditionalists and Christians.

What is remaining is a Christian agent they will use to cement it.

The traditional religious government agent will claim to be fighting to protect our traditions, and ancestors and going back to our roots. But in truth, he is working for the government.

His Christian counterpart will claim he is protecting Christians from the traditionalists.

They will breed chaos and set the ground for violencé, and the government security agents capable of kïlling will take it up from there.

It will be termed brothers kïlling brothers in the name of religion. But in truth, it is the same people doing the kïllings both ways. The media will then blame it all on IPOB and the restoration of Bïafra.


All that glitters isn't gold.

But we leave this message to all of you. This too will also fail.

Save this writeup.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist, 2023.

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