We Are Candidates Of Heaven Because We Suffer - Africans

Heaven? I will rather teach a kid to live a good life, be morally good, and go on to demand a good life from his government when he is denied of it than make him live just to go to heaven. The eagerness to live to go to heaven has been the reason Africa is left in ruins while America and Europe are like the heavens. The eagerness of an African to go to heaven has made him accept suffering and even slavery as part of life.

Pastors and priests are on pulpits preaching on the need for Christians to suffer in this world and go to heaven after. In their preaching they consciously or unconsciously justify the atrocities of the government and criminal politicians who loots and steals the people dry, leaving them in abject poverty.

Oh, God has given us bad government, so that we can suffer in this world and gain heaven. You should be grateful that God counted you among those suffering in this world so that you will gain everlasting life. The man telling you this is wearing a five thousand dollars suit, and 500 dollars shoes and lives in a mansion. There inside his church is a politician with a special seat, ready to donate millions to him. You can count him as one of those pastors with private jets. They live big, they suffer not, and just like the politicians they go to America and India for medical checks, while in the name of suffering just to go to heaven you accept a dilapidated building as a general hospital.

Is it not time for us to change certain things, especially how we think? Why must they fool us? Why must you suffer to go to heaven? Is going to heaven allergic to living a good life? Are Americans who have good health care not going to heaven? Are Europeans with security and good infrastructure not going to go to heaven? Why must an African man believe he needs to have bad roads, bad government, and suffer hell on earth before he can go to heaven? Why must a kid being told he needs to blow himself up to go to heaven?

Are you saying that if we have good housing, good roads, good health care, and nice infrastructural development in Africa, then heaven will start rejecting us right?

We need to relearn and rethink. We must demand good life and when denied we must rise and take it by FORCE. That's because it is our right to live a good life. #Revolution. We need to breed men and women who will see government as an avenue to create heaven on earth for their people and not looters who will collude with some fake men of God to make the people too docile to challenge them.

I will understand it when some gullible Christians will see this post as an attack on them. It takes a lot to liberate a man who is mentally imprisoned.

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher, And Activist, 2022.

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