We have bought every piece of land in tommorow.
The future is now our tenant.
We're men caught in seasonal migrations-
from wealth to greater wealth.
We are a Igbos.
The heirs of here & the hereafter.
It's ok if we frighten you; we also frighten fear.
For like air we are everywhere-
ask the sun where he spent the night
and the night before last.
We are igbos-the eagles nesting in a rising sun.
We're shrubs that grow in rocky cracks..we hunt in pacts.
We're Igbos-the lush green glow of South East /South south heaven.
In the human sea we rarely froth, we are salt
less is best for the broth.
Don't flood your land to sink us-for we will rise.
We're a crop for export,gold coins-always in fashion.
We're Igbos-infinite acres of greatness .
Pardon the noise, the heart can't beat in whispers.
The sky's a rented canopy-we're the event.
We are the sea, we visit all shores.
we are merchants-we've traded with Death.
We are igbos-the soul of the earth.
©️Samson Abanni

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