How do a people who have never picked arms to fight their host community home and abroad or people living in their own enclave always accused of dominating or colonising? How? We are not dominating you, we only travelled to your village, fill a need you probably did not see, render services you could not, sometimes start by sleeping in overpriced shops in the same village, few years down the line, buy small land, build one small hut, tried to just run our business and feed our kids while struggling with the evil policies of those who have hijacked governance since we were brushed aside decades ago....tell me, HOW ARE WE TRYING TO DOMINATE YOU?
Igbo boy finished his youth service in one village in Zamfara as a young medical doctor, decides to stay back in that VILLAGE to help because there is need for medical services which everyone is running away from....he noticed that if he stays, while solving these needs, he can also make some money.....few years down the line, after years of suffering while trying to grow...it is either he is dominating or he did blood money..... TELL ME, HOW ARE WE DOMINATING YOU?
Igbos have the greatest number of graduates that could not find their way into government pay job but instead of complaining about others DOMINATING, we can join spare parts business to survive....even after doing that, few years down the line, it is either it is blood money or we are trying to DOMINATE. HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU DOMINATE A PEOPLE WITHOUT FIGHTING THEM, NEITHER DO YOU CONTROL GOVERNMENT THAT IS DEALING WITH EVERYONE.....HOW?
If we demand for better treatment so we can be proper Nigerians as you claim you want us, we are trying to DOMINATE.....if we say, ok, allow us to leave this union and go and suffer like you have predicated we will, you will say we are making trouble. HOW ARE WE REALLY TRYING TO DOMINATE YOU?
The lies of trying to DOMINATE fueled the bile why we were almost wiped out in 1966-1970...yet, after that near extinction, we are still accused of trying to DOMINATE....HOW?
Quota system and several other policies we believe was meant to stop us from DOMINATING have killed the fabrics of this nation...our kids are meant to score way beyond other kids in order to gain admission among their equals....even in the face of those injustice, WE ARE STILL TRYING TO DOMINATE...HOW?
You build market stalls, over price them because Igbos will pay, yet, when you are done enjoying the money used in buying or renting the stalls, you turn and accuse us of DOMINATING....how?
Tell me how we are DOMINATING or colonising you, you sold a land to us, we bought, build small house or shop....you use the money for survival, send your children to school or abroad...yet, few years down the line, we are either accuse of DOMINATING or buying up your place? How exactly can a people who are not known for fighting tribal wars DOMINATE YOU?
What instrument of force are Igbos using in this utopian DOMINATION? To kill a dog, give it a bad name.....to go after Igbos, first accuse them of DOMINATING.
The truth is that lots of people don't know why they loath Igbos, they try to find or create the reason...
Few years ago while Aisha Yesufu was trying to diagnose negative energy she obviously noticed against Igbos, she made a claim that IGBOS NOT INCLUDING OTHERS IN THEIR APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM IS WHY OTHERS DON'T LIKE THEM....how?
Apprenticeship program that was jeered at by others just few decades ago until now the world is noticing that it is a great tool for wealth redistribution and empowerment....and does not mean taking ourselves into slavery like many Nigerians accused us before.
Please, explain this to me like a nursery School child, HOW EXACTLY ARE IGBOS DOMINATING ANYONE?
I used to hear that music does not suffer language barrier....no, not in Nigeria. A Catholic priest in Lagos of all States has taken the Igbo paranoia of DOMINATING into the church of God.
Now tell me, instead of banning Igbo song why not encourage the learning of other songs in other languages? The priest of course used the language that precedes every Igbo loathing enterprise..."THEY WANT TO DOMINATE".....
How do a people that come into any space, respect the authority there, never causes any violence because violence is a minus to our businesses....how on Earth are this set of people trying to DOMINATE anyone? We get to church of any denomination or ministry, try to make ourselves visible, work, offer our time, offer our money....in the midst of this, all some people see is attempt to DOMINATE....how?
This country should make up their minds about Igbos.....they seem to be saying, we don't really want you out of our way but we want to control the h.ell out of your destiny....place a limit to your aspiration, dictate how much you can grow?
...but I have a good news for you my people, it won't work....we will sprout from every corner of the earth....we won't let a coming generation of Igbos to grow on bended knees, we will not cower, we will not bow. Block us in governance, we will sprout in commerce, even if you eventually block commerce, our chi will open up several other avenues.
EVEN in the midst of our internally generated challenges and our faults which every human race and individuals posseses, we are the least of those attempting to hurt you, we only do what is done in every modern society... compete, seek growth, try to improve on our circumstances, do whatever we found doing with all our hearts, chase success, want to render services in your neighborhood and get paid for it.
It is more honourable to kill a dog if you so desire....but giving a dog bad name just to attempt killing the dog is lowest of all lows.
NB: For the Igbos that do not wish to offend friends, not speaking up on this danger of having next generation of Igbos grow to walk on egg shells and self guilt and condemnation.... ochestrated by others who want to dictate how they will breath and be defined....don't worry, we will do this work for your children and grandchildren and it will be on record that you were sleeping when the reputation of future Igbos were getting redefined.
To friends who think we are sensitive rather that speaking to those who make us their punching bag always....we won't be gentle while sediments of profiling is heaped on even the generation unborn, it seem harmless now but we know that these constant profiling is a time bomb waiting to happen, it is a piling up of seemingly harmless profiling which will sediment decades from now and form the Igbo perception.
It will be utter irresponsibility that while we have several platforms now to counter both official and unofficial profiling, unlike our fathers, we sacrifice it on the altar of pleasing you, our friends.
Remember, Igbos loving money stuck on Igbos but we know those that have the highest number of billionaire army generals in the world and those their political leaders are more billionaires than anyone without them having a product or services in the market place.....this is while growing massive poverty.....yet, they are modest when it comes to Money and Igbos mainly struggling from one corner of the earth to another are the money lovers.......that is the power of unchallenged lies and profiling.

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