We, the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), ably led by the great and indefatigable leader Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU condemns the attacks on Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obinwa aka Ebubu Nmounso over the statements credited to them. The bold comments from these two men at this time when Ndigbo are under serious attacks in Lagos should be commended, not condemned. Only cowards will be in bed with enemies when their brethren are under attack.

Ndigbo all over Nigeria, particularly those under the attacks in Lagos, need encouragement and motivation to stand up against their adversaries. Ndigbo are not cowards and can never be subjugated by any ethnic group. Go outside the country and see the bravery of Umuigbo who wouldn't allow themselves to be intimated let alone here in the same useless unholy union where we are forced to remain as one country in the midst of visible ethnic profiling, hatred and cleansing. We appreciate the condemnation coming from a few sincere Yoruba elders, Nevertheless, many of them, including the government of Lagos State maintained absolute silence in the face of this ethnic profiling, massacring, and destruction by state sponsored political thugs. But when some Igbo leaders condemn the attacks, some people are talking rubbish against them. IPOB stands behind any Igbo leader and person who is not doing politics with the lives and properties of Ndigbo but stands out to defend our people both in words and in actions.

We urge chief Iwuanyanwu and Rev. Fr. Ebube Nmonso not to respond to the attacks on them, especially from the prodigal son called Joe Igbokwe who is willing to leak the feet of the caliphate and their Yoruba counterparts for political gains. Those who support the destruction of Ndigbo and their properties across Yoruba land will be the eternal enemies of Ndigbo. If Ndigbo can rise from ashes after the genocidal war after Awolowo and Gowon's £20-pound wickedly policy in 1970, we shall not be subjugated again until Biafra is restored. We are blessed people. Whom God has blessed, let no man condemn.

The radical Oba, who was among those sponsoring thugs in Lagos to attack and murder Ndigbo, was mute all the while but found his voice by attacking Iwuanyanwu and Rev. Fr. Obinwa. Let the rascal Oba go to hell. He is not worthy to be an Oba. When the time comes, Ndigbo will respond accordingly, and he will understand that Ndigbo are not cowards and can't be cowed by Lagos touts. As for the prodigal son and criminal called Joe Igbokwe, he knows he is an already lost child and not expected to be seen anywhere in Igboland. Unfortunately, he has made his family's name a forbidden name like that of Asika and Ifejuna.

Chief Iwuanyanwu and Rev. Fr. Obinwa should not respond to these criminal chalantants challenging them because they spoke in defense of our people. We challenge every leader at any level to rise up in defense of our people or forever remain silent in the matters of Ndigbo, including political matters. If you're afraid to defend our people in times of crisis, you're not worthy to stand before Ndigbo for anything. We want our people to stand tall and never allow themselves to be intimidated before other tribes. A head of one Igbo man is worth hundreds of heads of idiots attacking us. We must defend ourselves until we separate from our enemies who enjoy spilling the blood of innocent Biafrans.

Those attacking Ndigbo should understand that Ndigbo are co-owners of Lagos because they bought the lands and houses they are occupying in Lagos. If you have sold your land, you can't come back and claim the ownership. You can not eat your cakes and have it.

The lands and properties acquired in Lagos by Ndigbo belong to them, whether they like it or not. But if Yorubas want their sold lands back, they are free to negotiate and repurchase the lands back. Until then, let everyone respect themselves in the damnable Zoological Republic called Nigeria.


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