We have lived like slaves

We have lived like slaves, but definitely not all of us. Some lived in great plenty, but slaves too they are. The war came, and our people fought like warriors. Led by men not ready to answer slaves. But the war lost and the gallant men sacked.
The invaders wanted them not to ever rise again. And to do this, leadership must be destroyed and the seed of division planted. They made it difficult for anyone Igbo to survive and gave room for people to deny being Igbo so they can pick from droppings from the table of their slave masters. Men that are ready to betray their own people became leaders. Men of disgrace and men without honour. They started claiming detribalized and speaks down on their own people as to prove it.
Sea ports denied. International Airport and railways denied them. An Obi will always leave his region if he must make it. To visit any embassy he must go to Abuja. To travel abroad, he must go to Lagos. To bring in his goods he must drop it in Lagos or Kaduna. That's when water ways are in his place. Obi is just a pitiable slaves.
Obi is always taunted and told he will never rule Nigeria. Obi cannot be police chief, Army chief or the president. For 8 years Obi have not smelled the seat of power or anything close to it.
In all these, the bunch of betrayals masquerading as leaders of the East are never worried. They do not care about the suffering of their own people. That their people don't have ordinary good roads is never their concern. But how can they care when they have billions to loot. You have no hospital, but he can afford to travel abroad for treatment. Your sons are on strike, but his are abroad living big and in affluence. They just don't care. They have enough to enjoy as slaves.

When you speak they jail you. When you protest they bring out machine guns and mow you down. They are heartless slaves. Men that proscribed their sons for peacefully protesting, but proudly told the world that they have Fulani herdsmen representatives in their cabinet. That's same Fulani herdsmen terrorist's that have kịlled and raped their women. The horrible pictures of the lady they cut into pieces after raping her is still fresh in our minds.

Our so called leaders joined hands with outsiders to kị́ll us. You denied us every thing and still throw us in jail. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu rose up and you all kidnapped him, rendition him to Nigeria and since then kept torturing him.

Oh, stop it already. I am not here to cry, for I see clearly dark days ahead. The politicians and the dubi-ous rich men want to save one Nigeria from crumbling. They have looked around and said they can't watch Nigeria to just end. Nothing makes people rich like Nigeria. A country you can loot all your allocation, borrow more and loot them all. And no one will talk. That is how useless the country is.

They felt that to save One Nigeria, they have to bring hell upon the people. They will have to kị́ll, burn houses, markets and say IPOB did it. For sure there are many aspiring looters ready to lead the campaign. I see them putting more fire on the land. They want to destroy their land and harm their own people just to save one Nigeria.

I don't see a good ending for you politicians. I see a revolution coming. I see war or something close to it. You all have pushed the people to the wall. Your evil and corruption have radicalized people and diminished every atom of patriotism in them, yet you sing One Nigeria to them. You dispatch military to kị́ll them at random. You are radicalizing them the more when you kịll and will soon teach them how to defend themselves.

The road to slavery is coming to an end. The people will triumph and the politicians will regret every of their actions against the people.
The end of this slave camp is at hand.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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