We the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership and command of Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU warn against any plans to enthrone Fulani Emirates in the South-East especially in Imo and Abia States. Any Igbo politician and Party that has reached any agreement to enthrone Fulani Emirate in any Christian community in Biafraland will be resisted with everything we have.

We commended the proactive approach used by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu to stop the nonsensical move by Fulani Stooges to introduce Fulani Emirate in Abia State. If that agenda has not been nipped in the bud, the caliphate in collusion with some useless idiots in the East would have established a Fulani Emirate in Aba, Abia State.

After the plans and strategy used by the good people of Biafra to stop the enthronement of Fulani Emirate in Imo State by the Fulani Supreme Court appointed Governor, Hope Uzodinma. The people of Imo State MUST must be very vigilant and know that Hope Uzodinma has not given up on this plan to create a fulani Emirate in Imo State. This is the reason he has created so much insecurity in Orlu and Oru axis where he is planning to establish this Fulani Emirate.

Any governorship candidate who that have intention and romancing with Abuja to bringing in Fulani Emirate in our region should not be allowed to win this election on Saturday 11th March. We know them and they know that we know them.

Other desperate jobless politicians who have massacred and spilt the blood of Igbo Biafrans in service to their fulani masters are governor DAVID UMAHI of Ebonyi State and governor NYESOM WIKE of Rivers State. These men are enemies of Igbo Nation working for the Fulani Caliphate. These agents of darkness believe the Igbo are stupid, that after committing their attrocities against Igbos for eight (8) uninterrupted years, they will offer a one (1) minute lip and insincere apology to deceive the Igbos in supporting them and their political stooges who will only come in to continue where these agents of wickedness and evil stopped.

Igbo Biafrans in EBONYI STATE AND RIVERS STATE must not be fooled by these people and MUST ENSURE that they are their candidates are resoundly rejected and humiliated on Saturday's governorship election.

The blood of our people they murded will not forgive the Igbo in Ebonyi and Rivers State and of course you will have yourself to blame if you allow these murderers to impose the next governor in Ebonyi and Rivers States. Obigbo massacre is still fresh in our memories and many of the victims are still in different detention facilities across the Zoo Nigeria military barracks.

We want those jobless politicians who are romancing with the terrorists for politics to check the security situation of non-fulani communites in the North where Emirates were enthroned. Those communites with Fulani Emirates are being killed off, forced to abandon their ancestral lands, and their towns and villages are being renamed by the Fulani invaders.

The land of Biafra is a sacred land and a peaceful one and can NOT accommodate murderous groups like the herdsmen and Boko Haram. It's an ancestral home for Biafrans, which can not be shared with invaders whose agenda is to terrorise, kill, and occupy.

Let the Eastern useless idiots and jobless politicians understand that IPOB and other conscious Igbos can never allow any enthronement of Fulani Emirate in any community in Biafra Land. We can not co-exist with those who have conquest ideology agendas in the same region.

Any person or party that have gone into alliance with Fulani Cabals in Abuja to take over power in the East, massacre Igbo Biarrans and in the end, compensate them with Emirates will be disappointed. Is it surprising to any Igbo Biafrans that only these three murderous governors (1) HOPE UZODINMA, (2) DAVID UMAHI (3) NYESOM WIKE worked against their own brother at the just concluded Nigerian Presidential Selection process.

We urge *IMO EBONYI AND RIVERS indigenes not to allow these men to continue with their evil political agendas against the collective interest of the Igbo Nation of Biafra.

We are calling on Igbo Biafrans to reject and avoid any politician in any form of alliance with Fulani cabals. Those men should not be allowed into any state government's house in Biafraland.

These desperate politicians are part of those sponsoring insecurity in the Eastern region. We shall continue to expose them and shall never allow them to succeed.


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