What do they really mean by recharge card media warriors?

What is this attachment with recharge cards? What damaged these guys this much?

Let me tell some of you what you don't know. Nigería has really dealt with you guys. I will try to expose you guys to this truth.

Some one like Elochukwu Ohagi has the talent to become supper rich in a deeply corrupt Nigería.

You think I don't know how to write white lies for politicians? You think I can't compete with some of those crimînals you respect and bow to as rich politicians and spokesman for politicians? You think a good writer can't become rich by writing about one Nigería? Do you know what connections some of them got writing and promoting Nigería?

Do you know what it means to have this talent and still use it to uplift the people's struggle without pay? Do you know what it takes to do that? Do you know what it means to have written consistently for more than 10 years without pay? Do you know how much I have put into what I do? Do you know how many opportunities I have lost? Do you know the pain and the risk involved? You don't know because you are stupi-d?

They recruit you, you pick a fake name, they buy you gadgets and you start calling me that use my name, identity to speak up 24/7 names. Do you know that IPOB don't pay me and never ever have they asked how I am faring or the danger surrounding what I do, but you idiots will come hear to talk trash?

Those that wrote about Ohaneze and governors are living big. You dare not call them names, but you will come to my wall to disgrace yourselves. Do you think we have forgotten how infiltrators started? You guys were recruited inbox and given gadgets and money. You guys still used IPOB and ESN to raise fund. You guys also raised media warriors funds. What did you guys use the money for? Settle yourselves?

Listen, I am convinced in what I do. I treasure my integrity. I don't believe in get rich quick syndrome. I take whatever comes to me genuinely. I am a proud teacher and I take my salary home. I won't because of the damage Nigería did to you guys stop what I am doing.

You all will be shamed. The only thing some of you will do is to shut up or start abusing MNK when that time comes.

Mad people calling sane people mad.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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