What is actually wrong with these Nigerians?

If Dr. Goodluck Jonathan hadn't been president, they would have said; had it been he was president he would have done this for Nigeria and done that for the South even restructure Nigeria because he had a humble beginning. Finally, he was president and concentrated in the north to please them, nothing tangible he did in the South, not even in his state, even the conference he gathered everybody to do, they and the constitution trashed it and never allowed him to implement it.

Buhari tried several times to become president and failed, and in 2014 they were saying he was the messiah Nigeria needed. If he had become president, Nigeria would be like America, he would do this and do that to better Nigeria, even make one naira equal to one dollar, he would end insurgency and end boko haram, bla bla bla lol. And finally,, he became president. Now, the rest is history. You know the history and story from 2015 to date more than I do.

Now in 2022, they are telling us again that, ooh Peter Obi is the new messiah Nigeria needs that will redeem Nigeria and wipe away corruption, oooh Atiku is the best, ooh Tinubu and his Muslim-Muslim ticket doesn't matter it's competence that matters that he will deliver, bla bla bla. I'm like, again? What is actually wrong with these Nigerians?

There is saying that goes like this:

If they f00l you once, you're not a f00l, it's a mistake, if they still f00l you again the second time, it might still be a mistake; but if they f00l you the third time, you are a proper F00L. It's no longer a mistake neither is it the fault of those who f00led you before, but you're just a m0r0n, and a proper F00L

Counting from 2011. At least, Nigerians have been f00led for whole three consecutive times since 2011 to 2022, that's whole 12 years and some people want to still be f00led for the fourth time. This fourth time is no longer only a proper F00L but worse than a proper F00L. Nigeria's problem is no longer a PVC problem, but a spiritual problem that requires physical revolution and totally unbundling the country. To your tent oh Israel scenario.

At this point, me, I no do again. I've redeemed myself from that spiritual bondage holding all of you proponents of PVC and one Nigeria who want to be still f00led again for the fourth time.
As I dey see una, if nothing is done to this ¢oπtraptioπ, you all, with your eyes wide open, you will still be willingly f00led again in 2027 and 2030 continuously.

You can go ahead oo and do what you want oo, it's your wish, it's your choice. But know this truth that as this Nigeria is, with PVC, nothing will still change for better until Nigeria is unbundled/renegotiated before anything.

© Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
Twitter: @oluchristty

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