What is criminality and frauds ?

Criminality and frauds is when a person fraudulent approach you send you a zoom link ask you to join let's pray for your husband.

Only for you to join the zoom link for the purpose of prayer and they fraudulently stream your voice live in all their social media without your knowledge and use it to organize a fundraising without your permission or approval. Despite that they used your name to scam people of their hard earned money . They never care to ask you how are you faring ?:

That's is called fraud that is called 419 that is called scam that is called Ekperima and that is what Ekperima used Umuada high way to achieve with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's wife . IPOB first lady Lolo Uchechi Kanu .

What is legit ?

Legit is when a radio anchor officially extends his or her invitation to you for a radio program be it for interview or prayer or gossip whatever. And you honorably accepted the invitation and the anchor through the right channel advertises such program to his larger listeners and followers . This is called legit This is called reputation, This is called professionalism and that's what Mazi Jonathan Chinedu of Radio Biafra exhibited in his invitation to IPOB first lady Madam Lolo Uchechi Kanu .

What is panic ?

Panic is when you claim that no one is listening to radio Biafra anymore that you have stopped everyone from listening to radio Biafra that all now listen to you .That you have 50 million or 100 million listeners in your enter Biafra 419 , 50million viewers in your YouTube 30 million viewers on Facebook 20 Millon viewers on Twitter 10 million viewers on Instagram and 5 million viewers on TikTok.

Yet you are seriously disturbed about a question an intervier might ask his guest in a platform that you claim you have stopped people from listening 🎧

What is Ad strategy

Ad strategy is when you are persuading an invited guest in a platform that is expected to have a very large listenership not to answer any questions from her host unless the question is about you Ekperima and your unpopular group called autopilot.

That is mind game of criminal autopilot fraudster Ekperima in Finland

We are 7 mile ahead of their tricks

Anyi Kings September 1, 2022

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